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Pacific Merchant Marine Council National Maritime Day Special Event, May 22

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    I invite you to enjoy Sacramento and this event. Phelps Phelps Hobart Web Yeoman, Pacific Central Region __________________________________________ National
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2010
      I invite you to enjoy Sacramento and this event.
      Phelps Hobart
      Web Yeoman, Pacific Central Region
      National Maritime Day Special Event
      Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010
      Time: 11:00 AM
      Place: Sacramento Maritime Monument, Capitol Mall at Tower Bridge, Sacramento
      Cost: Free
      Additional Details:
      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council, Navy League of the United States, along with the Sacramento Valley Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans, will host a tribute ceremony in recognition of "United States Seafarers - Past, Present, and Future." Assisting will be the Sea Scouts of West Sacramento ~ Neptune Youth Maritime Association, and other organizations.
      The International Maritime Organization, headquartered in London, England, declared "2010 - The Year of the Seafarer." The Pacific Merchant Marine Council has embraced this declaration; its 2010 activities and events are in recognition of our nation's merchant seamen.
      President Franklin D. Roosevelt back in 1933 issued a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe May 22 of each year as National Maritime Day. He encouraged citizens to display the flag at their homes and other suitable places and directed government officials to display the flag on all federal government buildings on that day. President Roosevelt and all the presidents after him have continued issuing annual proclamations honoring our maritime industry, trade organizations and the men and women involved in both.
      Special events to mark the occasion have been held throughout the nation ever since and probably before then. We will be involved with the City of Sacramento's 2010 tribute.
      Military Officers Association of American members and their family members are cordially invited to attend. The event is open to the public.
      The agenda will include but is not limited to:
      • Welcoming statement
      • Post the colors
      • Opening prayer
      • Star Spangled Banner - National Anthem
      • Heave Ho, My Lads, Heave Ho ~ U.S. Merchant Marine Anthem
      • Pledge of Allegiance
      • Reading of the 2010 National Maritime Day Presidential Proclamation
      • Reading of the 2010 California State Proclamation and other Proclamations and Resolutions
      • Remarks by government, military, American Merchant Marine Veterans, and Navy League representatives
      • Reading of the names of mariners who have "passed over the bar" within the past year
      • Toiling of the U.S.S. Sacramento (PG-19) bell for each individual
      • Memorial wreath to be placed upon the Sacramento River
      • Moment of silence
      • Taps
      • Benediction
      • Closing remarks
      Afterwards those who can stay will have lunch together ordering off the menu either at Embassy Suites Tower Bridge Bistro or overlooking the Sacramento River at Joe's Crab Shack, 1210 Front Street, Old Sacramento.
      The Sea Scouts will also be welcoming attendees aboard one of their vessels for a short tour pass Old Sacramento. The day is intended to be a family occasion. After lunch there are the attractions of Old Sacramento including the excursion train and riverboats.
      For a lesson in Sacramento's rich maritime history, there are the informative plaques on the riverfront promenade south from the monument.
      Overnight accommodations are available at Embassy Suites, 100 Capitol Mall, Sacramento (adjacent to the monument). We thank Embassy Suites for providing the speakers podium and chairs. See http://embassysuites1.hilton.com/en_US/es/hotel/SACESES-Embassy-Suites-Sacramento-Riverfront-Promenade-California/index.do.
      Self parking is available in the City Garage across Capitol Mall or valet parking at Embassy Suites. 
      On Sunday, May 23, Old Sacramento will be hosting the Pacific Rim Street Festival 2010   For seventeen years the festival has displayed the richness and diversity of the many Pacific Rim cultures, http://www.pacificrimstreetfest.com. Phelps is hosting a XING Community Sacramento luncheon at the prominent landmark restaurant, Fat City, on the 23rd.
      For additional details contact Phelps Hobart, President, Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS, (916) 739-6949.

      Phelps Hobart

      President, Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Senior Vice President, Pacific Central Region
      Vice President, Pacific Southwest Region
      National Director
      Navy League of the United States
      PO Box 191403
      Sacramento CA 95819-1403
      (916) 739-6949 |
      PMMC at cwo dot com
      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council was chartered
      11 December 2006. It advocates for the US maritime
      industry. Luncheon meetings are the 3rd Monday in
      March, June, September, and December in the San
      Francisco Bay Area. New members welcomed!

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