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NLUS Council Alert for November 14, 2008

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    November 14, 2008 Hello Navy Leaguers! As we honored our veterans on Veteran s Day, we also
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      NLUS Council Alert for November 14, 2008

      November 14, 2008

      Hello Navy Leaguers!   As we honored our veterans on Veteran’s Day, we also started the year-end holiday season, a period when many of our councils gather to celebrate and give thanks for the freedom our veterans have provided through their sacrifice.  Council members often hold their Annual Meeting, elect officers and directors for the upcoming year, then provide training for these new leaders during this period.  If you have questions or comments about the information below, please contact the Member Service Center at service@... or 800.356.5760.  Thanks!  Bill Waylett   

      *** November is WARRIOR CARE MONTH ***
      ... increasing awareness of programs and resources available to our wounded, ill and injured
      service members, their families and those who care about them
      Featured Sections
      I.      National Convention at Kansas City in October
      II.      Great Americans

      III.     Development

      IV.    Legislative Affairs
      V.     Public Relations
      VI.     Membership
      VII.    Announcements

      I.   National Convention at Kansas City in October
      The Navy League’s 106th National Convention will be held October 28-31 at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  Visit the online Press Room of the convention site http://www.navyleaguenationalconvention.org/press.html for photo and audo recording highlights. Members can also complete a fill-in-the-blank news release about their attendance at the National Convention that they can send to their local media. The release can be found on the national website under Council Resources - Convention Resources - Kansas City - 2008 (http://www.navyleague.org/councils/council_resources.php).
      Featured Sea Service guests at the Convention include:
      Wednesday, October 29th
      – Rear Admiral Joel R. Whitehead, USCG, Commander, Eighth Coast Guard District, spoke at the Hall of Fame Luncheon about the many challenges encountered in the broad area covered by 8th Coast Guard District in the past year, including the Midwest floods and Hurricane Ike. 
      Friday, October 31st
      – The Sea Service Panel will be composed of Senior Enlisted Leaders of the Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard:
      Command Master Chief Jacqueline L. K. DiRosa, USN
      Director, Command Master Chief Management Office
      Sgt. Maj. Daniel K. Burs, USMC
      Sergeant Major of Manpower and Reserve Affairs
      Command Master Chief Byan R. Clemons, USCG
      Command Master Chief U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area
      The senior enlisted spoke candidly of the problems our men and women in uniform face today.  These leaders uniformly complemented their personnel on their professionalism in meeting these challenges

      – Major General Douglas M. Stone, USMC, Chief, Marine Corps Reserve, was the featured speaker at the Sea Services Awards Luncheon.  MGEN Stone shared his in-country knowledge of conditions in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and provided assurance that are troops are capable of handling threats from our enemies.  The seventeen sea service honorees in attendance were presented Navy League awards at the luncheon.
      – Vice Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr., USN, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Communications Networks (OPNAV N6), was the featured dinner speaker at the conclusion of the Convention. 

      Public Service Awards were presented to the following Navy League members:

      --Secretary of the Navy Superior Public Service: Albert J. Herberger and William E. Dudley
      --CNO Superior Public Service: Randy W. Hollstein
      --Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service: James D. Hull
      --Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service: Thomas E. and Diane Jaffa

      Navy League awards presented include:

      --Distinguished Service Award: Robert A. Ravitz 
      --Navy League Hall of Fame inductee: Harold W. Learson
      --National President's Award: Richard C Macke
      --The Nicholas Brango Award Sea Cadet Officer of the Year: LCDR James A. McLoughlin, NSCC

      Attendees received information on Sea Service Community Relations Programs and an update on the CNO’s Professional Reading Program.  A new Workshop on Effective 21st Century Communications was presented to council attendees; the Public Affairs Committee provided multi-media demonstrations of several of these communication media.

      The Honors Ceremony for Presentations of Outstanding Council Awards was completed Thursday morning to recognize 10 Outstanding, 11 Meritorious and 7 Honorable Mention council awardees.  Seventeen individual recruiting awards were presented for recruiting 20 or more new members in 2007.  Public Relations and Macke Newsletter and Website Excellence Awards were also presented to council awardees

      Future National Convention sites are as follows:

      1. Corpus Christi, Texas
      2. Jacksonville, Florida
      3. Chattanooga, Tennessee book

      At the Annual Meeting the 2009 Budget was approved and the following Officers were elected:
      J. Michael McGrath, National President

      Richard C. Macke, Corporate Secretary
      Alan Kaplan, National Treasurer
      James L. Chapman IV, National Judge Advocate

      Pamela K. Ammerman, National Vice President
      Daniel B. Branch, Jr., National Vice President
      Joseph S. Donnell III, National Vice President
      Patricia Du Mont, National Vice President
      Philip L. Dunmire, National Vice President
      Earl B. Hailston, National Vice President
      Thomas E. Jaffa, National Vice President
      Richard H. Kennedy, National Vice President
      Jackson C. Stevens, National Vice President
      John T. Tozzi, National Vice President

      Thomas W. Hoffman, Caribbean/Mexico Region President
      William J. Evanzia, Empire Region President
      Elizabeth Reese, European Region President
      Joseph J. Daigneault, Jr., Florida Region President
      William C. Glynn, Great Lakes Region President
      William R. Keller, Liberty Region President
      Donald B. Walker, Lone Star Region President
      James H. Offutt, Mid-Atlantic Region President
      Samuel Bushman, Midwest Region President
      Shirley A. Hill, New England Region President
      David N. Todd, Northwest Region President
      Delores D. Coates, Pacific Region President
      Donald F. Hale, Pacific Central Region President
      Ray Roth, Pacific Southwest Region President
      William C. Marshall, Rocky Mountain Region President
      Thomas W. Wright, South Atlantic Coast Region President
      Robert C. Crates, Southern Region President

      Congratulations and good luck to our new leadership team.

      II. Great Americans

      Navy League Members are among the first to be invited to visit a brand new web site launched on Veterans Day, November 11.  The site is www.GreatAmericans.com, an online patriotism portal highlighting remarkable stories on video of every day, ordinary Americans in uniform - from military personnel to firefighters and police officers - doing extraordinary deeds.  Great Americans encourages you to view, share and celebrate these truly inspiring role models. Every generation produces its share of great Americans and this web site is a timely reminder that they still walk among us. 

      In the words of the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Peter Pace, USMC (Ret.) - "Great Americans website is designed to shine light on the thousands of decent and selfless acts of our Nation's heroes.  These dedicated men and women put their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety and freedom, and Great Americans provides the opportunity to see them in action."

      III. Development

      President's Circle

      For all of you who have responded to our National Vice President for Development, Joe Donnell’s call to action and contributed $1,000 or more to the Navy League ... thank you! 

      We invite you to become one of the Navy League's most generous supporters by becoming a member of the President's Circle ... donors who make an annual gift of $1,000 or more.  You may pledge your gift to be paid between January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009; send a check to NLUS attn: Julie Beaver; charge your gift over the phone or make an online gift via our secure server:

      Please contact Julie Beaver, Director of Development, for additional information or if you have questions, 703-312-1585; jbeaver@...

      Thank you for helping carry out the mission of the Navy League.

      IV. Legislative Affairs

      Additional Training has been scheduled to train our members who are planning a call on their Member of Congress for the Grassroots Legislative Initiative:

      Presentation 1 – Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 3:30 p.m. EST.
      Presentation 2 – Thursday, December11th, 2008 at 12 Noon EST.

      If you would like to participate in this training, contact your Region Vice President, who will register you for the session; you’ll need to provide your name and email address.  Materials for the training session will be sent to you the day before the session with the information on how to call into the conference.

      V. Public Relations

      Interested in getting a Video PSA for your Council? The Santa Barbara Council can help ...

      At the National Convention's Public Affairs Committee meeting, the Santa Barbara Council presented a great opportunity for councils to obtain a customized 30-second Membership Public Service Announcement (PSA) for television as well as a training video on how to make your own videos.

      The Santa Barbara Council created both of these for use by each and every Council. The products can help councils increase their membership, improve their outreach and public education and potentially obtain significant new sources of funding. The positive response to the PSA and interest by councils in creating local TV programming from their events was very encouraging. Our convention Sea Service Panel members were highly supportive of providing Navy League with internet feeds of current information, pictures and video.

      Below are links to samples of these videos in low resolution:
      30 Second PSA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG2C3Mx00ZI
      How-To Make A Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBssa5HU1WQ

      If your council is interested in these products, please complete the request form, which is also located under Council Resources at (http://www.navyleague.org/councils/council_resources.php), and send it to: dougc37@... so you can be placed on the distribution list to receive a DVD with TV quality resolution of these two videos. Please also include recommendations on how to get your local television and radio stations to air the Membership PSA and your future TV shows.

      Councils may also order a customized PSA video with their name and logo. There is a $30 fee to defray the production cost.

      This service is brought to you by the Santa Barbara Council and the NLUS Public Affairs Committee. For more information contact, Doug Crawford at: dougc37@....

      VI. Membership

      The National President recently sent out an email that outlined our current membership numbers and the need for councils to do more to retain their members and encourage their members to increase their recruiting efforts. Attached to that message was a spreadsheet that listed all of our lapsed members (since January 2008), by council, that each council should contact about renewing.  Please review this spreadsheet for accuracy and contact Sal Chairez at schairez@... if you find any discrepancies. We want to be absolutely sure that our records match yours.

      The items below are a recap of the more pressing issues facing councils that were covered during the 2008 National Convention. Since we are tightening our belts at the National office, we will be depending on members to do recruiting for their councils. We have it well within our ability to greatly increase our membership numbers – imagine each member recruiting only one member. With the holiday season upon us, consider giving the gift of a Navy League membership!

      Recruiting – announcing a Contest!!
      This repeat announcement must be disseminated to all of your members. We are ending 2008 with a major membership drive that needs participation from all members to be successful and will be depending on Region, Area, and Council leadership to get this message out to the membership.

      The contest is simple – each time a member recruits a member, their name will be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card. If you recruit 10 members, you have 10 chances to win! All recruits from 10/01/08 through 12/31/2008 count.

      All Council Presidents, Membership, Retention, and Recruiting Chairs are reminded to take a look at your council’s roster on the Online Community (OLC) on a regular basis to manage your renewals. The National office sends out renewals on a monthly basis, but renewals can be lost or forgotten. Councils are still the Navy League’s best renewal source because you know your members and can speak to them about your council’s activities over the last year, any local privileges of membership, and what your council has planned for the next year ... all on a personal level!.

      To review your roster for lapsed or lapsing members, log onto the OLC and pull up your roster. Click on the “Exp.Date” column header once and your roster will be sorted by your members that are lapsed/lapsing first. These are the members that you should contact personally about renewing their memberships. Some councils are small enough that the calls can be made by one person; larger councils may want to form a committee of members to make these calls.

      Remember, retention is not only easier than recruiting new members (many members renew simply because they were personally asked), it is easy money for councils. The higher your retention, the higher your rebates.

      Next month we’ll discuss Rejuvenation and Recognition.

      VI. Announcements

      1.  IRS Announces new Courses on Form 990
      The IRS has added five mini-courses to its on-line training site for exempt organizations:

      - Preparing to File the New Form 990—Overview of changes to the form and tips on getting ready to file it

      - The Redesigned Form 990, Part I—General instructions for completing the form and walk-through of the heading and financial sections

      - The Redesigned Form 990, Part II
      —Walk-through of the accomplishments, compliance, and compensation sections

      - The Redesigned Form 990, Part III
      —Walk-through of the governance, management, disclosure, and summary sections; the checklist of required schedules; and Schedule A

      - The Redesigned Form 990, Part IV
      —Walk-through of Schedules C, F, G, I, M, and R

      The courses are available to all at no charge. You can access each from www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=166625,00.html.  

      These courses are not intended to help councils that file Form 990EZ or 990N (ePostcard).  The IRS sponsors separate one-day workshops for Small and Medium 501.c.3 organizations; the schedule of workshops is posted at http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=96083,00.html.

      2. Donations from IRAs
      Congress has re-authorized legislation that allows donors to make charitable gifts from their IRA accounts during tax years 2008 and 2009 without incurring income tax on the withdrawal. If you are age 70 ½ or older and are required to take minimum withdrawals (you do not need them for personal use), you may use this provision to give to Navy League or other qualified charities. While you cannot claim a charitable deduction for IRA gifts, you will not pay income tax on the amount donated. Contact Julie Beaver, jbeaver@..., in our Development office for details.

      3.  SEAPOWER Digital Online Version Released
      The November 2008 edition of SeaPower is now available online at http://www.seapower-digital.com/seapower/seapower_sample/.  The November edition reports on the status of Naval Aviation and the challenges of shipbuilding with commodity prices rising globally.

      Member Services support email:  service@...

      Navy League website:  http://www.navyleague.org

      Navy League National Convention website: http://www.navyleaguenationalconvention.org


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