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Re: [pcgen] .CLEAR.. tag for SA

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  • Tir Gwaith
    This is better off in PCGenListFileHelp. Cross posting there. BONUS:VAR| |(var( CL= )-2)/2+2 Ok, since I m assuming this is in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2005
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      This is better off in PCGenListFileHelp. Cross posting there.

      BONUS:VAR|<varname>|(var("CL=<my class name>")-2)/2+2

      Ok, since I'm assuming this is in the Shining Blade class:

      If you don't inclose CL= inside a var(""), then the JEP parser may hang on
      it, trying to implement a boolean expression.

      Now, for the display SA stuff, you can do it one of several ways:

      1 SA:Blah1 (Su) %/Day|<var>
      5 SA:.CLEAR.Blah1 SA:Blah2 (Su) %/Day|<var>
      9 SA:.CLEAR.Blah2 SA:Blah3 (whatever) %/day|<var>

      Note that you only have to list the .CLEAR. through the first open
      parentheses. Designed that way, or it would get really complicated with VAR
      substitutions. Make sure your % are after the first (.

      Also note that it is SA:.CLEAR.Blah2, not SA:.CLEAR..Blah2. You have too
      many periods, so it can't find the exact text. It was looking for ".Blah2"
      and not finding it, and so not clearing it.

      Other way you could do this:

      1 SA:Blah1 (whatever) %/Day|<var>|PREVARLT:var("CL=<myclass>"),5
      5 SA:Blah2 (whatever)
      9 SA:Blah3 (whatever) %/day|<var>

      You could also do it with some VFEATs with the PREVAR, etc, on it... Or you
      could... Ok, I'd better shut up now.

      Tir Gwaith
      LST Chimp
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