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Re: Unarmed base attack progression

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  • Brian Lubkeman <brian_lubkeman@hotmail.c
    Anybody? Suggestions? Please. ... by ... attacks ... (with ... and ... UBAB ... class.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 27, 2002
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      Anybody? Suggestions? Please.

      --- In PCGenListFileHelp@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Lubkeman
      <brian_lubkeman@h...>" <brian_lubkeman@h...> wrote:
      > I am creating Monk prestige classes and running into a similar
      > situation. The prestige classes are from the Quintessential Monk
      > Mongoose.
      > The wording of the classes state, "He gains iterative unarmed
      > as a monk of his monk and {prestige name} levels combined." I
      > interpret this to mean that a 6th level monk (with BAB +4 and UBAB
      > +4/+1) / 4th level {prestige name} (with BAB +3 and UBAB +3) should
      > use the unarmed attack bonus associated with a 10th level monk
      > BAB +7/+2 and UBAB +7/+4/+1).
      > I have defined the prestige classes with BONUS:COMBAT|BAB|CL*3/4
      > ATTACKCYCLE:UAB|3. What I get is the correct BAB of +7/+2 but a
      > of just +4/+1, the larger of the two individual UBABs from each
      > Any suggestions?
      > Brian
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