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MSRD Modern Dataset Update

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  • Eddy Anthony
    Quite a bit of work has been put into the Modern dataset since the last release. With the release of version 5.7.15 I d like to take some time to highlight
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2005
      Quite a bit of work has been put into the Modern dataset since the last
      release. With the release of version 5.7.15 I'd like to take some time to
      highlight some of the changes and offer a warning to users who wish to open
      characters created in previous versions.

      First the warning, there are significant changes to the inner workings of
      the occupations and starting wealth systems. The starting occupation and
      starting wealth bonus hidden feats are now granted through a template which
      is applied by each core class. The reasoning for this is that a template can
      only be applied once regardless of the number times it is granted, this
      eliminates the need for complicated prerequisite syntax in these feats. What
      this means for users who open previously created characters in 5.7.15 is
      that these new templates which did not exist before will now be applied to
      their PC and the next time they level up an Occupation will be added as well
      as the starting wealth feature. There is a work around for this, though it
      involves manually editing the .pcg character file. Remember to make a copy
      of your character before manually editing it in case something goes wrong.
      Open the character file with a text editor and scroll down to the line:

      # Character Templates

      And now add these two lines directly below it:

      TEMPLATESAPPLIED:[NAME:Starting Benefits]
      TEMPLATESAPPLIED:[NAME:Starting Occupation]

      Save the file. Now when you open the character in 5.7.15 it will consider
      the templates already applied and will not erroneously grant the benefits of
      the templates.

      Now for the good stuff, thanks to Paul King we now have nine new Alpha
      datasets for Modern from RPG Objects, one of which he co-wrote. Additionally
      we have begun to put in sections of MSRD Future. This release includes
      Future Basics (Classes, Feats, Skills, Occupations and Settings), Future
      Cybernetics and Future Mutations. Feedback on these sets would be greatly
      appreciated and will help determine if they will be included in the final
      5.8 release.

      This feature has been reworked because a bug in the system was granting the
      core class skills to all classes not just the class granting the class
      skills. This has been fixed so that newly created characters class skills
      are correct. Existing characters which are brought into 5.7.15 will still be
      incorrect as far as class skills are concerned and should be recreated to
      make them accurate. Existing single class characters will be accurate but
      will still have the bug and will exhibit it should they be multiclassed at a
      later date.

      Beginning characters are granted a pop up choice allowing the user to select
      the result of the Starting Wealth Roll. An SA in the abilities window
      displays the starting wealth score and the current wealth score. The
      starting wealth score is set by the Starting Wealth Roll and any bonuses
      granted by an occupation or feat. The starting wealth score can be adjusted
      by applying the new Wealth Adjuster temporary bonus which can be found in
      the template tree of the Temporary Bonus Tab. This bonus can be applied as
      many times as needed but be aware that when you click the Remove button they
      will all be removed at once, so write them down if you need to remove one
      and reapply the rest. This adjusted score is what is displayed as the
      Current Wealth Score. The Current Wealth Score is now also displayed in the
      lower right pane of the Class Tab.

      Action Points
      The way this was previously set up the OS would display the total number of
      action points the PC had accumulated but provided no means of tracking how
      many had been spent. In the Action Point system PC's are granted a number of
      Action Points per level but once spent the points are gone and are not
      renewed. In this way they are more like items than an accumulated bonus.
      That system has been removed, in its place you can use a new temporary bonus
      which can be found in the template tree of the Temporary Bonus Tab. It's
      named Action Point Tracker and can be applied as many times as needed to set
      the number of points your character has. This system is a stop gap measure
      to provide a way for the user to set the correct number on his or her
      character sheet, it is not a final solution. We need a system which grants
      the correct number of points to the PC automatically but can be removed once
      spent. The OS needs to display the number of action dice rolled per point
      spent (it increases as the character level goes up), and it would be nice to
      have checkboxes for the points so can check them off as they get spent. At
      this point these features will be worked on post 5.8.

      FX Psionic Classes
      taluroniscandar has just recently updated the Psionics classes to the
      standards used in the SRD and RSRD.

      The Basics, Cybernetics and Mutations portions of MSRD Future have been
      added. They can be found in the MSRD.Partial branch. These future sections
      have not yet been added to the MSRD.Complete .pcc.

      Future Cybernetics
      Cybernetic implants are implemented as equipment which grant the appropriate
      bonuses when equipped to the PC. There are limitations to the number of
      implants a PC can have without penalty, this is fully supported in the set.
      If a PC is equipped with more implants than is allowed negative levels are
      applied to the PC.

      Future Mutations
      Mutations are implemented as feats. These feats are set to COST:0 so they do
      not deduct from the feat pool, instead the cost or grant Mutation Points. To
      best view them set the list to view by TYPE, all mutations have
      TYPE:Mutation. They are then subdivided into 4 different types: Drawback,
      CosmeticMutation, MinorMutation and MajorMutation. Cosmetic Mutations cost
      nothing and there is no limit to the number applied. Drawbacks grant
      Mutation Points which can be spent on Minor and Major Mutations. Outstanding
      mutation points are displayed as an SA as long as there are unspent points.
      Minor and Major Mutations cost mutation points and this is a prerequisite
      for taking them. The point costs for mutations are shown in the description.
      When the PC is exported to an output sheet Mutations are not displayed in
      the feat block, instead they are displayed as special abilities. There is a
      temp bonus which can be applied that lifts all restrictions of this system
      for game masters who wish to apply any number of positive mutations to their

      There seems to be a slight bug in the feats tab, when drawbacks are applied
      the Minor and Major mutations should turn black as the required number of
      mutation points are accumulated, but they don't. I've found that if a few
      Drawbacks are applied and then you go to the Preview tab, go back to the
      feat tab and remove one of the Drawbacks the prerequisites are re-evaluated
      and you can then add Minor and Major mutations until you run out of points.

      We would appreciate any feedback and opinions on this and any other dataset.
      Thanks go to Paul King and Devon Jones for their work on Future. Thanks to
      taluroniscandar for his work on the Psionics data. We hope you enjoy it!
      ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      ~ PCGen Content Silverback
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