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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Still need help with damned new Spells

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  • Evan Miller
    ... From: Glen Murie To: Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2005 10:28 AM Subject: Re: [PCGenListFileHelp]
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      Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2005 10:28 AM
      Subject: Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Still need help with damned new Spells

      > Christian Feddern wrote:
      >> Hello again,
      >> I am still having the same spell trouble as before. I did the following
      >> in the first line of the class definition:
      >> SPELLLEVEL:CLASS|Wind Walker=1|Obscuring Mist|Wind Walker=2|Wind
      >> Wall|Wind Walker=3|Gaseous Form|Wind Walker=4|Air Walk|Wind
      >> Walker=5|Control Winds|Wind Walker=6|Chain Lightning|Wind
      >> Walker=7|Control Weather|Wind Walker=8|Whirlwind|Wind
      >> Walker=9|Elemental Swarm KNOWNSPELLS:Obscuring Mist|Wind Wall|Gaseous
      >> Form|Air Walk|Control Winds|Chain Lightning|Control
      >> Weather|Whirlwind|Elemental Swarm
      >> I see the Spells neither in the knows spells to the right, nor in the
      >> left table where you can select the spells you know. I am still using
      >> 5.6.1 because of the wotc stuff I am using. Any other ideas what I could
      >> try?
      > I tried about fifty different variations of the exact same thing myself.
      > Didn't work worth a damn. In my case I was trying to add some divine
      > spells to the Wizard class via a feat.

      You're class doesn't have 0-level spells? There was a bug in 5.6.1 with
      that. Change the CAST tag in your levels to have a 1 as the first number
      instead of a 0. Since you don't have any 0-level spells, it won't matter.
      That should fix the problem.

      The problem was that the program was coded to look for the first level where
      you had 0 spells and then stop adding them to the known list. Since you
      have 0 at the 0-level spell spot, it stops there.

      if it still doesn't work. Get rid of the SPELLLEVELCLASS tag, keep the
      KNOWNSPELLS tag and just .MOD the spells to add your class and the level it
      gains the spell to the spell directly.

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