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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Re: Armor EQMOD cost based on AC

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  • Eddy Anthony
    ... Ook ook! monkey powers activate! ... Good advice. I ended up coding it as 5 eqmods and it works fine. I m sure I spend more time testing then writing, now
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 12, 2004
      On 7/12/04 4:11 AM, "tir_gwaith" <thoron-tir-gwaith@...> wrote:

      > --- Eddy Anthony <eddyba@m...> wrote:
      >> What level of Data Monkey do you have to reach before you can start
      >> casting "LST Magic" spells? ;)
      > Doesn't matter. If you can pull stuff out of the tag syntax that
      > wasn't originally designed to be there, you've done it, and that is
      > pretty much a guarantee you'll get promoted to Chimp (at least if I
      > see it; and I'm going to want that kind of firepower helping us on a
      > regular basis.) Bryan once dubbed me "Strange Monkey" when I did
      > something (prob. related to the dragons, since it was around that
      > time) that made some proposed code changes obsolete, since I could do
      > it in the data.

      Ook ook! monkey powers activate!

      >> Thought this might not be possible. OK next impostible task, its
      >> after breakfast so I'm a little behind, but...
      >> I'm coding an EQMOD that grants a bonus to a clerics Turn Level
      >> Check based on the bonus of the weapon, so if its a +2 weapon
      >> it grants +2 to the Turn Check. The first thing I tried
      >> was 5 bonus tags that had PRETYPE:1,Plus1 etc.. But that
      >> didn't work, all the bonuses were added. The only way I can
      >> think of is to make 5 separate EQMODs, one for each plus. Anyone
      >> got a better idea.
      > Trick of the trade: (KISS theory application, really) Do it with
      > multiple objects first, then go back and combine, taking your time
      > (hint, hint, Doug). Makes things a bit easier to see. Until you've
      > personally coded something with all of the tags you are using
      > multiple times, you will spend prob. 80% of the time testing (unload
      > test campaign, Load, new character, test, modify LST, go back to
      > PCGen takes a while). I still spend over 40% of my time coding doing
      > testing. Granted, I'm usually trying out weird stuff. Our system
      > has it's little quirks, and I like to squeeze every last drop out of
      > our code. And YES, I believe those numbers will stand even (if/when)
      > we go to XML.

      Good advice. I ended up coding it as 5 eqmods and it works fine.
      I'm sure I spend more time testing then writing, now if I had the dual
      processor G5 I use at work at home that might not be the case. PCGen
      absolutely flies on that box, but don't tell my boss.

      >> Another question: is there a way to test off the name of an item
      >> rather than the items type, I'd guess not but thought I'd ask.

      > Yeah, but not such a good idea with the Item customizer, since the
      > name can be changed easily, and maybe not with the equipmod for
      > applying to an item (for the very reason of names can easily be
      > changed in the customizer).
      > Tir Gwaith
      > LST Chimp

      Didn't think it was a good idea. OK so heres the problem, say theres an
      eqmod that you apply to armor but it gives slightly different bonuses to
      Studded Leather than it does to a Chain Shirt. Type-wise these items are
      identical, what do you do? Don't say shoot the hostage.
      ~ Eddy
      ~ PCGen BoD, Docs SB, Data Tamarin
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