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RE: [PCGenListFileHelp] Re: How to make Turn Undead depend on dei ty chosen?

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  • Benjamin Pew
    I m not sure if you have to use ADD or not. For feats that involve variables you have to use the chooser, but I m not sure about SAs. Yes, variables can be
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 24, 2002
      I'm not sure if you have to use ADD or not. For feats that involve variables
      you have to use the chooser, but I'm not sure about SAs. Yes, variables can
      be accessed in other files. For an example, look at the feat Extra Turning.
      It adds to the Turn Undead variable.

      I think you could do the BONUS|VAR|Turn Level bit in your deity list, but
      I'm not sure.

      The usual delimiter for the % functionality is a pipe (|), but this is a
      special case when accessing a variable.

      I would not like the variable name to be changed. Variable names should be
      short. "Daily Turn/Rebuke Count" would be a pain to type in a bunch of
      places, and prone to typos and such. It's a description, not a name.

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      > Thanks so much everybody.
      > Back to my original question: since I don't want to invoke the
      > chooser (i.e., the internal logic will be enough to determine what
      > undead control they get), what other tag should I use? Perhaps
      > something like "SA:Turn Undead<PREDEITY:MyDeity 1,MyDeity 2>
      > %/Day|Turn Undead"? (I don't know if the PREDEITY was embedded in the
      > right spot.)
      > Also, can a variable defined in one lst file be accessed and/or
      > altered in another file? If that's true and if SA if a fine way to
      > add this ability (see previous paragraph), then perhaps I could skip
      > the PREDEITY condition entirely and just add "SA:Turn Undead
      > %/Day|Turn Undead" to the appropriate entries in my custom
      > deities.lst file.
      > Similarly, one of my deities grant a a bonus to turn level of 2.
      > Perhaps instead of having BONUS:VAR|Turn Level|1<PREDEITY:MyDeity
      > 1,MyDeity 2> (I don't know if I did the syntax correctly...) in my
      > custom class.lst file, I could just add BONUS:VAR|Turn Level|1 to the
      > appropriate entry in my custom deities.lst file.
      > Thanks,
      > Allen
      > PS:...so it appears that % is replaced with the value of a variable
      > (or expression?) and whatever after the ~ is what the % should be
      > replaced with. (I guess that also means that %s and ~s are key
      > characters that may not be used in variable names...? The DEFINE
      > documentation doesn't specify what characters may be used in names.)
      > Seeing as several people had trouble parsing this, it would be great
      > if the documentation could be enhanced to make this functionality
      > more clear. FYI, I just found some description of the use of %
      > embedded within the "SA" entry under Global Tags.Other Tags.
      > Interestingly, that example uses a | instead of a ~ to separate the
      > variables from the text.
      > It also might be less confusing to future generations if the
      > *variable* Turn Undead in the standard phbclasses.lst file was
      > renamed something like "Daily Turn/Rebuke Count".
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