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  • Paul Grosse
    ... Well Knowledge skills, spellcraft, maybe a few diplomacy ranks. And it is a cross class so you can never get more ranks than (TL+3) 2 ... Well duh, any
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 15, 2004
      > From: notyetmousse24@... [mailto:notyetmousse24@...]
      > paul.grosse sez...
      > 'Actually it's fairly well balanced.'
      > Sorry I just don't buy it. I'll give it a read sometime to
      > satisfy curiosity.
      > 'High Draconic is a cross class skill for ALL classes, so no
      > high ranks. And the basic formula is DC=15+(Spell
      > level)+(level it would be if metamagic'd) and if you don't
      > have the metamagic feat you are applying you add another 5 to it.'
      > Not bad, but assuming a wizard you've got plenty of skill
      > points to toss around (what do they use 'em for aside from
      > Concentrate anyway?), and already know a few metamagics
      > (maximize, all the component bypasses) out of professionalism.

      Well Knowledge skills, spellcraft, maybe a few diplomacy ranks. And it
      is a cross class so you can never get more ranks than (TL+3)\2

      > 'So a maximized Fireball would be a maximum of 26 if you
      > didn't have the Maximize spell feat. And there aren't any
      > synergy bonuses that add to the Speak High Draconic.'
      > But could be as low as 21, and you could apply the skill
      > focus feat to the skill (and depending on how you game those
      > extra skill focus feat clones) on top of their skill (and
      > possibly attribute modifier). With just a maxed out skill
      > (20th level) and skill focus you've got a 14, leaving you to
      > roll a 7, which is pretty easy.

      Well duh, any 20th level spell caster should be extremely nasty, and of
      course the party should have been up against true dragons using this
      against them a couple of levels ago :)

      > 'And some of the consequences are particularly bad, like I
      > think if you roll a 5 ALL your spells are gone for the day.'
      > Just going to assume that rolling a 5 is pretty bad (since
      > high equals good), which would be ok if the power wasn't so
      > potentially severe. Just for example if you were to toss out
      > a maximized magic missile instead of fireball the DC would be
      > (if feat were known) 17, a roll of 3. This is quite a power
      > boost for a spell, going from an average of 17 to 25. And
      > you can toss out the extra
      > 8 points of damage several times. With low level spells
      > you're talking about free add ons with pretty much no cost.

      But at 20'th level 25 points is nothing especially since you should be
      fighting stuff that has a pretty hefty SR

      > 'No you have to be a TRUE dragon, specifically in the rules
      > :) so no skirting around the rules there.'
      > If you finish the dragon disciple PrC you become a half
      > dragon, dragon typed, for all intents and purposes a dragon.
      > The funny thing is that under the rules you could
      > (theoretically) be a Dragon and two kinds of Elemental at the
      > same time. Possibly Psuedonatural as well, but who really
      > wants to be a tentacle monster anyway?
      > Please note that was a rhetorical question. If you do indeed
      > know someone who wants to play the Overfiend please do not tell me

      It also says that they have to be a native speaker of Draconic. But
      still it's True dragons IMC, although there is a "Dragon Master" PrC in
      the book that at 10th level gets all their spell slots back, but still
      have to raise their skill

      > NotMousse
      > TM Tamarin, QA Lemur
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