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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] commercial lst files vs old srd lst files...?

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  • Tir Gwaith
    ... CMP hat on. I m the one overseeing the development of the bundles. This isn t the proper place to bring this up - the Graffiti boards on
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2003
      > I have a question concerning upcoming changes (regarding the
      > "commercial" lst files to be released mid-July)
      > Will the "older" srd-lst files still work in futures PCGEN releases?
      > Will I have to redo some of my custom files or will the "commercial"
      > lst files be completely optional and not interact with "older" srd-lst
      > files...?

      CMP hat on. I'm the one overseeing the development of the bundles. This
      isn't the proper place to bring this up - the Graffiti boards on
      www.codemonkeypublishing.com are the proper place. That said, I'll make
      some minor comments.

      1) The SRD files aren't going anywhere. I've been redoing the core from
      scratch for CMP, so you haven't seen my incremental fixes on the SRD stuff
      lately. There hasn't been that much of a change in the release data files

      2) The CMP files will be completely optional. No need to buy them ever to
      run PCGen. You will always be able to load the official release SRD files.
      That said, I think people will like the comercial product enough to purchase
      them. I hope they do. :)

      3) The CMP files have a LOT more functionality. Once the release has made
      it, I'm (Andrew, both the CMP person and the Data SB) going to be applying
      the lessons learned on the CMP files, and working on updating the SRD to
      similar functionality (within the bounds of the normal OGL of course.
      Deities won't be in the SRD files for quite some time, if ever. When
      Deities and Demigods goes into the SRD, that may change slightly.)

      4) I'm doing my best to make the CMP files work with people's current
      homebrews. From a professional standpoint, the less the consumer needs to
      do to take my product to make it do everything they want it to (melding with
      homebrews for example) the happier the consumer is going to be, and the more
      likely he is going to come back and buy more of the same. That said, to
      get the files doing certain things more completely, the method in which they
      were coded had to change. Since we plan on updating the SRD files to some
      of the new functionality also, it will mean that the homebrews, once
      changed, will work with either dataset.

      That help?

      Andrew McD.
      a.k.a. Tir Gwaith
      CMP PCGen Content Manager
      ~ PCGen Data SB and BoD
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