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Synergy line on the skill that gives the bonus

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  • Paul Grosse
    Okay for some reason this isn t working for any of my custom skills. Knowledge (Arcana: Arcane Magic) KEYSTAT:INT USEUNTRAINED:NO
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
      Okay for some reason this isn't working for any of my custom skills.

      Knowledge (Arcana: Arcane Magic)<tab>
      BONUS:SKILL|Knowledge (Arcana)|2|PRESKILL:1,Knowledge (Arcana: Arcane
      SOURCEPAGE:DPHB, v1.17

      Now reading it one would think that it should give a synergy bonus to
      Arcana, but it doesn't do anything. Tir, are you sure that they |TYPE=
      doesn't matter where it goes? Does anyone want my LST file to pound on
      it and figure out why, and no I can't upload it to the yahoo board
      :( (stupid management)

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