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Re: [pcgen] Remove a spell-like ability granted by a race

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  • Andrew
    Hi Helge, Questions of this nature belong over on our Lst File Help group - which is where folks give advice on such interesting questions. Now, to answer the
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      Hi Helge,

      Questions of this nature belong over on our Lst File Help group - which is where folks give advice
      on such interesting questions.

      Now, to answer the question.

      You cannot directly 'Clear' a race. You can .FORGET one, but then you'll be without the Race.

      In your present case, I would recommend creating a new race based off the old one. The reason being
      is you can't modify the SPELLS tag inside a race.

      However, the good news is, if you can open a Feature Request, a monkey of experience can often times
      alter the race for you so you can modify such things in the future. (I wouldn't mind doing that for
      you, it's only 5 minutes of effort to make it work as you seem to want.)

      Now, if you don't mind doing the work yourself, you can simply alter the race entry. I'm guessing
      the Times are what you want to alter, correct?

      The Times would need a Variable which Requires a DEFINE tag.

      I'm at work, so I don't have the available free time to look at the supplement and what all it
      changes, but if you give me exact items you need, I can change those.


      On 2/21/2013 1:56 AM, koenig.trex wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am using version 6.0.0.
      > In D&D v3.5 the drow have some spell-like abilities (SLA), usable once per day. The supplement Drow of the Underdark contains several feats that grant additional uses to some of these SLA.
      > Now I want to edit the Drow. I want to define variables that contains the quantity for these SLA.
      > This produces an error:
      > Than I tried to crack a nut with a sledgehammer:
      > Elf (Drow).CLEAR
      > Elf (Drow) ...
      > The result is:
      > 10:49:27.979 SEVERE Thread-21 LstObjectFileLoader:243 WARNING: Duplicate object name: Elf (Drow)
      > WARNING: Not loading duplicate.
      > 10:49:32.26 SEVERE Thread-21 AbstractReferenceManufacturer:922 More than one Race with key/name Elf (Drow) was built
      > 10:49:32.27 SEVERE Thread-21 AbstractReferenceManufacturer:452 Reference to Constructed Race Elf (Drow) is ambiguous
      > Another try with a sledgehammer:
      > Elf (Drow).CLEAR
      > Elf (Drow).MOD ...
      > This doesn't throw a warning or error, but now I can select the race "Elf (Drow).CLEAR".
      > So, how do I modify (direct modify, or remove an add) the spell-like abilities granted by a race?
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Helge
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