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  • Andrew
    Hi, Racial Traits already have an IF statement. When you add a racial trait, the TYPE on it removes the other racial trait, or two in some cases. Archetypes
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      Racial Traits already have an "IF" statement. When you add a racial trait, the TYPE on it removes
      the other racial trait, or two in some cases.

      Archetypes already remove abilities they are designed to remove. There aren't any 'slots' just what
      the publisher says they want. Which means, you can have Alternate Class Features (Which is what an
      Archetype does, grants Alternate Class Features)

      The core sets also allow an easy change to Racial Stats. (So the racial column changes).
      BONUS:VAR|RacialStatxxx|y replace 'xxx' with the Stat Abbreviation, and y with the bonus number or

      In 6.01.00 there are plenty of renovations I've affected, to revamped Racial Stats, ACF (Alternate
      Class Features in 3.5), and better compatibility with CMP. (Luckily CMP used the conventions to Var
      Naming, otherwise making them work together would have been a bit more difficult).

      Homebrew improvements - You can now add your own Selections for Special Mount as part of the class
      feature for the Paladin. Special Mounts and Unusual Familiars now can take the better of the
      Intelligence Score.

      So all that to say 'Yes' you can do it.

      On 11/11/2012 3:05 PM, David Rosenberg wrote:
      > Would it be possible to write it as Racial Options like choosing your racial stat bonus is for a human? Or would that be something for the coding team to work on for future updates? (I think the same method would also work for building Archetypes, have an array of each slot with a number specifying each option chosen for that slot, some options would fill two slots [thus trading out two slots for one option]) Depending on how it's coded right now that doesn't seem too terribly hard to code a simple "If then" statement checking if something already occupies a needed slot.
      > On Nov 11, 2012, at 9:16 AM, "swiftbrook8" <swiftbrook@...> wrote:
      >> I'm playing around with the prototype Advanced Races Guide files. Now I have an interesting question. Is there a way to create the six Aasimar 'heritages', a.k.a. sub-races, from Pathfinder Blood of Angels, that will work with the options in Advanced Races Guide?
      >> For example, the Azata-Blooded (Musetouched)heritage has +2 Dex, +2 Cha, Skilled is Diplomacy and Perform and the spell-like ability is glitterdust. I want those, but I also want to switch out abilities in AGG.
      >> I see the brute force method as creating six more races, one for each heritage, and then for every option in ARG, create six corresponding entries--one for each heritage. That doesn't seem to clean and could be prone to more errors.
      >> As a temporary fix, I thought I'd just change the enter in the Bestary to the stats for the heritage I'm interested in.
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