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List of tags in use with version 2.4.8

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  • Eric Beaudoin
    Hi everyone, I ve upload the list of tags in use with Release 2.4.8. You can find it here
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      I've upload the list of tags in use with Release 2.4.8.

      You can find it here <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen-xml/files/List%20of%20tags/List_of_tags_v248.txt>

      With this release, there is a new TYPE tag for the PCC files. In fact,
      this release represent the first time that my script actually verify
      the tags in the PCC files.

      There is also a new PANTHEON tag for the DEITY files. BTW, Ravenlock
      is asking our help to modify all the DEITY files. The tag is used
      only for filtering the DEITY, it doesn't have any other impact on the

      The format is:

               PANTHEON:first name|second name|etc.
      Ravenlock didn't had time to modify Costomise.htm yet but I'm sure
      he will find the time SOON (don't you Raven? ;-).

      Not really tag related but as it was mentioned in the release notes,
      the '@' in the path changed in the way that it is used by PCGEN. By
      sure to read the latest version of Customise.htm.

      For next release, the BONUS:FEAT and BONUS:VFEAT in the EQUIPMENT files will be replaced by VFEAT. I also think that the FEAT tag should not be present in the EQUIPMENT file. If the powers that be say that it is so, the FEAT tag will be deprecated.


      √Čric "Space Monkey" Beaudoin       

      >> In space, no one can hear you sleep...

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