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PCGen v5.17.17 (beta) Released!

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  • David R. Bender
    Welcome to our first beta for the 6.0 cycle! Its been a bit longer then we were expecting, but we think it is worth the wait. We ve been hard at work and fixed
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2012
      Welcome to our first beta for the 6.0 cycle! Its been a bit longer then
      we were expecting, but we think it is worth the wait. We've been hard at
      work and fixed a slew of bugs, added some great new features and
      generally been getting everything into shape for release.

      A word about what a beta release is for the PCGen team. This is a build
      that has all of the new features that we plan shipping with v6.0. The
      beta cycle is where we focus on bug fixing and generally getting the
      program solid. An essential part of this is of course you trying it out
      and letting us know of any issues you find. Our trained monkeys are
      ready and waiting for your email to the PCGen mailing list!

      Notable Changes

      Auto management of weapon order according to where it is equipped
      Tabs now remember selected columns and views
      Improvements to purchasing and equipping gear
      Portrait thumbnail is now used on the output sheets
      Full range increments listing for ranged weapons
      Our LST converter is ready to go for converting data from 5.16 to 6.0 format

      New Sources

      The following new sources were added in 5.17.17

      [Paizo] Player Companion: Orcs of Golarion
      [Paizo] Paizo Blog - Pirate Familiars

      PCGen is an RPG character generator and maintenance program (d20
      systems). All datafiles are ASCII text files so they can be modified by
      users for their own campaigns.

      For more information about PCGen, join us at our Yahoo group:

      or visit our website:

      or our wiki:

      Download your free copy:

      You can see all of the changes included in this release by checking out
      the release notes:

      Trackers (JIRA) bugs open for the New UI:

      -- david

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