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Re: [pcgen] Kits

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  • Susan Dittmar
    Dear William, ... Creating kits is not difficult, though you need to get started on your own data set for that. I m sure Andrew (or someone else) has the right
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 11 9:04 AM
      Dear William,

      Quoting William (willmercier@...):
      > I would like to create a couple of Kits. One would be to add a free Feat
      > as an example for whatever reason, the other would be say a set group of
      > equipment that everyone could start with or use (so for example i want to
      > create a kit of weapons that different encounters would use and load them
      > all instead of adding one to each character.) I have loaded the Rsrd
      > campaign set - Core Books 1-3 however when I go to add kit all i see are
      > were-**** and then varirous treasure tables. How do I preceed?

      Creating kits is not difficult, though you need to get started on your own
      data set for that. I'm sure Andrew (or someone else) has the right pointer
      for the start.

      He already wrote up the basics for the free feat kit. For equipment, I have
      an example Adventurer's Kit for you. Put it in your private kit file and make
      sure it is loaded with the sources (see above).

      STARTPACK:Adventurer's Pack <tab> EQUIPBUY:100 <tab> VISIBLE:YES APPLY:INSTANT
      GEAR:Backpack <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> LOCATION:Not Carried
      GEAR:Sack <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> LOCATION:Not Carried
      GEAR:Pouch (Belt) <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> LOCATION:Carried
      GEAR:Bedroll <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Flint and Steel <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Waterskin (Filled) <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Torch <tab> QTY:3 <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Rations (Trail/Per Day) <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> QTY:3 <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Soap (Per Lb.) <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Whetstone <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Rope (Hempen/50 Ft.) <tab> LOCATION:Backpack
      GEAR:Sunrod <tab> SIZE:PC <tab> QTY:2 <tab> LOCATION:Pouch (Belt)

      You can copy-and-paste this, just replace every ' <tab> ' with one (or, for
      readability, more) tab.

      Once this kit is loaded with the sources, after creating a character and
      granting him/her money you just go to first tab, where you can find the button
      to add a kit. Choose the kit to add.

      If your character does not have enough money, only those items up to the
      available money are added, rest will throw warnings. If you want to make sure
      the character is granted enough money (in fact, if you want to first give the
      money to him), include something like the following line after the first:

      FUNDS:gp <tab> QTY:14

      Hope that helps you,

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