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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Re: Goliath Character Race and Goliath Barbarian Substitution Levels

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  • Andrew
    K is right, 5.12 is old... Reach is displayed, has been for a long time. I would need to see a PDF or export to see what you have going on. But again, reach
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 2, 2011
      K is right, 5.12 is old...

      Reach is displayed, has been for a long time. I would need to see a PDF or export to see what you
      have going on. But again, reach has been included for as long as I can recall. (I've been around the
      project since 5.6 or so).


      On 12/2/2011 5:56 AM, Martijn Verburg wrote:
      > Hi Florian,
      > Unfortunately it's almost impossible for us to help - we only actively
      > maintain 5.16.x and 5.17.x, I'm afraid 5.12.x is consigned to the history
      > archives for us.
      > You can follow an upgrade path if you wish:
      > http://wiki.pcgen.org/Updating_Homebrew_Sets
      > K
      > On 11 November 2011 10:33, f_reber <f.reber@...> wrote:
      >> **
      >> Hell Andrew and Distant_Scholar,
      >> thanks for your help and also your hint about the closed content. I knew
      >> that sharing closed content was forbidden, but not that discussing some
      >> parts of closed content material is also frowned upon. I'll pay more
      >> attention to this in the future.
      >> I now managed to code the race and at least the first level of the
      >> Substitution class with your hints, so thanks a lot about them.
      >> Size change really was not easy, I tried it with the tag that changes the
      >> creature size as a whole, but I didn't want the full Stat changes, so
      >> decided to code the different change as single tags one by one and was
      >> mostly successfull.
      >> I now have two quite special quesions, perhaps someone can help me with
      >> them. I'm using PcGen 5.12. and an 3.5 game mode in the FR - quite old, but
      >> perhaps someone still can help.
      >> - The reach is not shown either on the preview tab nor on the PDF Exports
      >> - is this correct, or did I just miss something?
      >> - how can I change the text in the "Barbarian Rage" element in the first
      >> page of the preview tab? Is there anyway without digging into Java code? I
      >> until only did find the xml to change the PDF sheet for the export
      >> Thank you,
      >> Best regards,
      >> Florian
      >> --- In PCGenListFileHelp@yahoogroups.com, Andrew <drew0500@...> wrote:
      >>> Welcome to the PCGen community.
      >>> The ability 'powerful build' has successfully been duplicated, and its
      >> variants. In at least 3.5e
      >>> version there are EQMODs to allow a larger weapon size without the
      >> penalties.
      >>> To code a substitution class requires you to edit the lst files in the
      >> data/homebrew folder, make
      >>> those your own - Consult the documentation included in there, I don't
      >> want to have to repeat things
      >>> that are said better there. Once you've set that up, simply MOD the
      >> class in question.
      >>> As an example:
      >>> CLASS:Barbarian.MOD
      >>> SUBSTITIONCLASS:Name of the Class <tab> PRERACE:1,Race Name
      >>> SUBSTITIONLEVEL:1 <tab> ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Ability Name
      >>> Then you'll just need the abilities coded up that you want.
      >>> For the raging, just look up any existing barbarian, the way it's coded
      >> up is right there -
      >>> 'abilities_class' and 'classes_base' would be the two best locations to
      >> see the interactions for that.
      >>> The moderators won't get on your case for asking about 'closed content'
      >> materials (Which covers most
      >>> of the supplemental books put out by Wizards of the Coast) but we do
      >> frown on posting entire
      >>> material about the closed content. Hence, Doug's comment about keeping
      >> it generic serves a two-fold
      >>> purpose - it allows anyone to help you without requiring the book, and
      >> keeps the moderators happy.
      >>> I'd add, asking for a broad shotgun assistance - how do I code, a, b, c
      >> and x, y, z is likely to
      >>> prevent most users from responding, since we innately want to solve the
      >> entire slew of problems.
      >>> But, that means only really experienced monkeys can help, so limit it to
      >> one or two questions and
      >>> you'll find your questions answered faster.
      >>> Once you get most of that set up, don't hesitate to ask for specific
      >> issues.
      >>> Cheers,
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