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Re: PCGen and PCGen:DM on Source Forge

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  • tir_gwaith
    Ok, to copy the LST file request, we are doing a copy and paste, from PCGen to PCGEN:DM? Then making a comment that that is moved, or if we have access,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2002
      Ok, to copy the LST file request, we are doing a copy and paste, from
      PCGen to PCGEN:DM? Then making a comment that that is moved, or if
      we have access, deleting/removing them from the list without

      If that's the case, NP. I'll wrap up what I am doing on LST files
      and start copying them over when I get off work today.

      Tir Gwaith
      LST Chimp

      --- In PCGenListFileHelp@y..., Mynex <mynex3@c...> wrote:
      > Critical change in accessing list files from Source Forge.
      > After many (many) messages about overwriting, errors,
      > and responsibility regarding the list files, Chief Code Monkey and
      > Benevolent Dictator Bryan (and I) have resurrected PCGen:DM from
      > ashes of Source Forge.
      > This means several things...
      > The Data and Code are kept seperate now. This will help to cut
      > on accidental overwrites of the list files and code as typically;
      > Code Monkeys only access a few list files for testing purposes and
      > list monkeys shouldn't have anything to do with code, unless
      > directed by a code monkey.
      > Anyone that works on list files frequently should have access to
      > PCGen:DM, if not email Bryan or myself and we'll make sure that you
      > do (Bryan has final say regardless).
      > The Data files have all been moved to PCGen:DM and removed from
      > PCGen (main). So there will be issues with Pauls' Autobuilds until
      > he gets back from vacation (He's been notified and promised to have
      > it working by wednesday at the latest).
      > The current Tracker Requests at PCGen (main) for Data Files has yet
      > to be moved over to PCGen:DM, that will take place over the next
      > several days (anyone that has a SF account and would like to help
      > with this, please feel free, the sooner it's done, the better off
      > are).
      > This also means that the Data Files Tracker for PCGen (main) will
      > emptied out and removed from public view. Any Bugs or Feature
      > requests dealing with list files specifically will be re-directed
      > PCGen:DM. There will undoubtedly be some crossover of Bugs/FReq's
      > but we'll handle that on the admin side of things.
      > If you are unsure where a Bug/FReq goes, You can ask here on the
      > group (best bet), or email any of the PCGen team (Coders or List
      > Monkey as we all like and want more email. ;p)
      > Things of Note at PCGen:DM
      > There are 5 Trackers in place right now.
      > 1) Bugs - Bug Tracking System
      > 2) Tag Addition Requests - Submit any New Tag requests for List
      > files to this Tracker
      > 3) New Source Material Requests - Submit any New Source Material
      > inclusion requests to this Tracker
      > 4) List File Fixes - All user fixed list files need to go here with
      > the file attached
      > 5) Tag Modification Request - Submit any Tag Modification Request
      > for list files to this this Tracker
      > They are pretty specific in what they do, and they have proper
      > categories and groups to select from.
      > ***Important
      > You _CAN NOT_ submit anything at PCGen:DM anonymously. You must be
      > signed in to use these Trackers.
      > Reason: Acountability, Ability to follow up correctly on
      > submissions, and ability to contact the submitter for clarification
      > on a submission.
      > To get the latest list files you need to go here;
      > http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-
      > bin/viewcvs.cgi/pcgendm/pcgendm/development/
      > (Line break put both ends together)
      > This is the web based access. Bryan posted yesterday about how to
      > access this area from CVS (and also on Source Forge) so I won't
      > repeat that here.
      > PCGen:DM will also be used for sub-projects relating to the list
      > files (as example, the 1st sub-pproject that will be listed there
      > will be Eric 'Space Monkey' Beaudoins' prettylist.pl). The plan is
      > to have list file utilities as sub-projects for easy
      > of the utilities that will make list editing/maintaining easier on
      > the list monkeys and the end user (Utilities that won't make it
      > PCGen itself).
      > This is being sent out as a 'Special Notice' since there are many
      > people who only get them due to the volume of this group.
      > Any questions or concerns feel free to contact Bryan or myself.
      > Any Complaints, please see Bryan. ;p
      > Mynex
      > - #1 Evil assistant to the PCGen Code Monkeys (Code Badgerer)
      > - PCGen Document & List File Silverback
      > - RPG Gateway - Software Section Editor
      > - RPG Reviews - d20 section Editor/Reviewer
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