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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Re: SPROP substitution value issue

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, ... No worries, just letting you know that this isn t the coder section, so code-speak won t be grok d here. ... Well, believe it or not, Tom (One of our
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      On 2/1/2011 9:04 AM, torryschreiner wrote:
      > Sorry about the code speak. In perl, the shift command grabs and removes the first value off of a list.

      No worries, just letting you know that this isn't the coder section, so code-speak won't be grok'd here.

      > I see the reasoning behind the current behavior based on history but at the same time don't feel it was the correct way to handle the situation. I feel you would get a more predictable and consistent outcome if the substitution variables were "consumed" by the act of substitution and removed from the evaluation of the qualifier list. If you did want their value(s) evaluated to determine whether or not to display, you just repeat them later in the list after the last substitution variable. In effect, this is kind of the opposite of the work around Andrew gave but should be easier for new LST file hackers with a coding background who probably wouldn't assume that the current behavior is intended, like me.

      Well, believe it or not, Tom (One of our coders), is leading the charge to fix ambiguous code
      behavior, and clean up the architecture. He's been cleaning up and standardizing the CHOOSE tags,
      and touched on the BONUS tags.

      Clean efficient and clear code is the end goal. Feel free to open that FREQ - NEWTAG 'MODIFY TOKEN'
      as you want to fix an existing Tag 'SPROP' behavior with Variables.

      You may also want to check out the Architecture and Code Wiki pages.

      > A documentation update would also help. I don't see anything in the SPROP documentation explaining that substitution variables AND the PRExxx tags are evaluated as the display qualifier or the clue Andrew gave in order to force display. The SPROP documentation points to the SAB documentation: "Variable substitution can be used in the same manor as the SA tag" and the SAB documentation says: "The Special Ability will not be displayed if the last variable or formula equals zero." By extension, one might assume this statement also applies the SPROP but this is not the case. SPROP will not display if all of the substitution variables are equal to zero regardless of the value of the last variable or formula. I have not tested the actual SAB behavior.

      Well, ;) You're free to open a Doc FREQ for that update for the docs


      > If I decide to pursue this, I will join the developer list. I'm useless in Java and XML but willing to help otherwise if I can.

      Another point of view is always good.


      > Thanks.
      > --- In PCGenListFileHelp@yahoogroups.com, "Barak"<barak@...> wrote:
      >>> -----Original Message-----
      >>> As to why this was implemented in this fashion? Again, I cannot say, I
      >>> wasn't part of the planning
      >>> process. That is before I joined the team. Should the behavior be re-
      >> Well I was around then. :p
      >> SPROP didn't take PRExxx back then, and no one wanted to see "Grants 0d6
      >> additional damage". So if all the variables are 0, the SPROP is not
      >> displayed.
      >> Barak
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