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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Check for undefined language to prevent errors?

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, ... Perfectly acceptable to do ;) ... Fair enough, seems many new critters get their own dialect, or special language. ... Correct, they have a hand
    Message 1 of 2 , May 22, 2010

      On 5/22/2010 2:40 AM, herzogaldilkassach wrote:
      > I am coding up a race from a closed content book.

      Perfectly acceptable to do ;)
      > One of it's bonus languages is 'Drow'

      Fair enough, seems many new critters get their own dialect, or special
      > However, the core rules (monster manual I) Drow do not have their own language, but instead speak Elven.

      Correct, they have a hand language IIRC.
      > I have been told some settings/splatbooks give Drow their own language, and since I want to be able to provide the race in question with the correct bonus language (that is, they should be able to understand the native language of the Drow) I was wondering how I could code this up.

      LANGAUTO covers that, as long as you have the Language in question coded up.
      > Is there some way to add a PRExxx tag to a bonus language depending on the language in question having beend defined in the sources?

      Uh, no. You either have the Language loaded or you don't, PCGen will
      give you an error for a missing Language.
      > I could, of course, add the Drow language in an accompanying language file, and add Drow as a language to the Drow race as a .MOD, but I also like to explore the limits of what the PCGen lst file language is capable of....

      Well coding splat books, it's best to use a .MOD approach. If you load
      this special splat homebrew data set, you have the Language coded up,
      and then .MOD the race to include the new language. In this way, if the
      data set isn't loaded it won't change anything, but if it is loaded it
      will change the race in question. And if you are coding a different
      version of your race, you keep all the changes local.
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