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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Feat allowing selection of new spells

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  • Ainvar G
    I m formulating a plan for this one, but don t know enough to know if it will work... I m tempted to make two forms of the feat - one if the caster is a
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      I'm formulating a plan for this one, but don't know enough to know if it will work...

      I'm tempted to make two forms of the feat - one if the caster is a preparation caster vs. one if the caster is a known-spells caster. For the wizard, the feat just grants access to a handful of new spells -- and some game mechanics related to them that can't be coded, so I won't bother with them here. For the sorcerer, the feat grants a handful of new spells, three spells for one spells known slot, along with the aforementioned game mechanics.

      Can I code a feat for the sorcerer that allows them to select the six spells and penalize them two spell known slots to get the desired "cost" of the selection? Obviously, this would not apply to the wizard. I don't know how to handle this if the user is a sorcerer/wizard, either -- it would appear that the feat should be associated with one class or the other, but it's not specified in the description... For my game, I'm going to say yes, the new spells are associated with one of the user's arcane classes.

      They can take this feat multiple times, selecting a new six spells each time, so I'm planning to use the MULT:YES tag, which requires a CHOOSE tag, which got me to thinking about how they will select their six spells....

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      OK, this one is a feat that, when selected, allows the spellcaster to select 6 new spells from a pre-determined list whether they are on the caster's spell list or not. If the caster is a spontaneous caster, they can use their highest new "spell known" slot to "purchase" half of these spells, so they will have to burn two new "spells known" to get all six spells.

      This looks complex on the surface and I think there are some gray areas that I will have to be clarifying in order to make this feat available. The pre-determined spell list has spell levels assigned to each of the spells. In my mind, the caster's class spell list level would take precedent if the character chose a spell that was already on their class list.

      Since this is almost like giving the character another class on top of their "real" class, would I want to approach this as a template? Do I need to generate a spell list for this feat?


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