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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Eldritch Blast as ranged weapon?

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  • Stefan Radermacher
    ... I ll check it out, thanks! Regards, Stefan.
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 9, 2010
      On Tuesday 09 February 2010 17:49:57 Andrew Maitland wrote:
      > If you dig in the base.xml you can see it's triggered by a var name of
      > greater than 1... it took some doing but it came out nice enough. If you
      > want, we can look at giving it an adjustable name to reflect the ability
      > name, since Spirit Weapon won't be the best in the rest of these cases.
      > To test it out, you can load up eclipse data set, (in the NFD folder) make
      > a class 'eclipse d04' and then take the Character Points - Ability 'Spirit
      > Weapon Ranged' found under Abilities and Feats.

      I'll check it out, thanks!

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