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Re: [OS] Q:comment, Q:tab name

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  • karianna03
    Hi Susan, ... Ah, that s a tough one. Text files (.txt) will always display what s written in them (unless you ve got a cool reader that you can configure or
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 5, 2010
      Hi Susan,

      > That's what I'm trying to do. To be more precise, I would like to
      > add comments to a *text* type output sheet. Something that's in the
      > output sheet template but not in PCGen's output when exporting a
      > character.
      > It would come handy for output sheets (like text only output) that
      > do have a built-in way of commenting stuff.
      > I think that should be a FREQ, though while writing this I probably
      > found a solution that works with my special case, (mis-)using a
      > feature of the program that later deals with the exported file.

      Ah, that's a tough one. Text files (.txt) will always display what's written in them (unless you've got a cool reader that you can configure or you mis-use a feature of your text reader), I simply don't think we can get around that one.

      The HTML and PDF (well the underlying XML anyhow) sheets have a commenting syntax that can be used (<!-- Comment goes here -->)

      > > > 2) Is there a way to reference the tab name? It is offered as
      > > > default filename when saving a character, and I would like to
      > > > allow including additional material from a file with the same
      > > > base name as the character file.
      > >
      > > Unfortunately no, please raise a FREQ for this :).
      > How would I do that? Up to now posting here always was enough ;-)
      > As we are at it already -- an OS tag giving the basename (filename
      > without suffix) of the export file (with or without directory path)
      > would be even closer to what I was looking for than the tab name.

      Ah well in that case let me point you to:


      It covers how to and where to submit a freq, let me know if you have any trouble!

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