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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Adding feats to category by prerequisites

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  • Michael W. Fender
    Accessing file 10222.10098.24068 ... No real easy way about it, but here s the one that s pretty standard. Each feat can be modded. Such as:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2009
      Accessing file 10222.10098.24068

      Data from user Sheng is as follows:

      > Hello
      > I am creating a dataset, and there is a class with Bonus Feats. The
      > list of bonus feats is quite vague. Here is the entry as in the book
      > (don't worry, it's OGL):
      > Bonus Feat: A marksman gains a bonus archery-related feat at 8th level
      > and every 6 levels afterward. She must meet all the prerequisites of
      > this feat, and the feat must require Point Blank Shot.
      > Reference: http://dsp-d20-srd.wikidot.com/marksman
      > So, I was wondering how to accomplish this. I created an
      > ABILITYCATEGORY named Marksman Feat, but now I'm trying to figure out
      > the most efficient way to add all the feats that require Point Blank
      > Shot... any suggestions?

      No real easy way about it, but here's the one that's pretty standard. Each
      feat can be modded. Such as:


      ...Then in your ABILITYCATEGORY, you should just have to add:

      That should show all the feats that you MODded to make Archery type feats.
      You'll just have to make sure the feats you mod have the Point Blank Shot

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