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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Adding skill ranks to all Class Skills

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi S, Well, that is quite a teaser of a system. Okay, so you choose skills. From a list? Here is how I would do it, based upon the information you ve given me:
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      Hi S,

      Well, that is quite a teaser of a system.

      Okay, so you choose skills. From a list?

      Here is how I would do it, based upon the information you've given me:

      Each Skill gets an ability

      etc. (Or whatever the real names, since each system likes to alter the
      base skill set)

      Now each ability gets
      CATEGORY:Special Ability (Or make up a new one like Class Skill)

      BONUS:SKILLRANK|<insert name of skill here>|TL
      CSKILL:<insert name of skill here>

      Example: (Each line is a tab)
      CATEGORY:Skill Choice

      Okay, that is set up for each ability/skill

      Then, you make the actual abilitycategory

      ABILITYCATEGORY:Skill Choice
      CATEGORY:Skill Choice
      (That sets up the new category for us)

      ABILITYCATEGORY:Class Skill Selection
      CATEGORY:Skill Choice
      PLURAL:Class Skill Selections
      DISPLAYLOCATION:Class Abilities
      (Or wherever you want the ABILITYCATEGORY to be displayed, it can
      warrant it's own section)

      Now, the only thing left is to grant your skill selections. If you want
      the easy method you can just create templates that bonus the abilitypool
      and be done; if this is for a system, you can place the bonus inside the
      classes... depends on how you have it setup.

      BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Class Skill Selection|x
      x= the number of Choices you want in you pool

      BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Class Skill Selection|6
      You get 6 points in the Class Skill Selection pool.

      So, say I want to use the template method:

      Grant six class skills
      BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Class Skill Selection|6

      Grant four class skills
      BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Class Skill Selection|4

      Now I have two templates that I can grab in the GUI, but won't show up
      on the Outputsheet or Preview/Character Sheet.

      If you want to tack them onto a class, you can do like this:
      1 BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Class Skill Selection|4

      That will always grant the fighter class 4 skills to choose.

      Okay, feel free to copy/paste to your hearts content. If you need
      further help, feel free to ask. I'm sure you'll get another response on
      another way to accomplish this.

      Hope that helps.


      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback, PCGen Board of Directors
      Data Chimp, Docs Tamarin
      Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"

      sorcel00 wrote:
      > Preface: I'm a code dummy.
      > That said, I'm in a game where, instead of spending points on skills, PCs pick class skills, and the ranks in those class skills are automatically set by character level.
      > Thus, I'm trying to build a BONUS that adds additional skill ranks to all of a character's Class Skills. And I'm drawing a blank. Aside from CHOOSE:SKILLSNAMED|CLASS, I can't figure out to grab every Class Skill and nothing else.
      > Help?
      > -S
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