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Re: How To Expand The List of Temporary Bonuses?

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  • allencohn
    Cha-ching! It works. Thanks, everyone! Allen
    Message 1 of 32 , Jan 2, 2009
      Cha-ching! It works.

      Thanks, everyone!


      --- In PCGenListFileHelp@yahoogroups.com, Eddy Anthony <eddyba@...>
      > allencohn scribed:
      > > So, what about the mystery of getting twice as much AC bonus as I
      > > intended?
      > Try adding TYPE=Shield to the bonus:
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    • Tir Gwaith
      ... The other usage for PREAPPLY is for Equipment. BONUS:COMBAT|DAMAGESIZE|1|PREAPPLY:Piercing In the Temp bonus section you should then be able to apply that
      Message 32 of 32 , May 26, 2009
        On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 1:46 PM, allencohn <allen@...> wrote:
        > Success!
        > Well, except that I couldn't make the PREDEITY thing work, but that's no biggie since I'm the only one who will be using these custom temporary abilities.
        > A couple of comments/suggestions from a casual LST user:
        > * The documentation for PREAPPLY does show it testing for conditions other than just the two: ANYPC and PC. If PREAPPLY can really only operate on those two then the documentation should be updated.

        The other usage for PREAPPLY is for Equipment.
        In the Temp bonus section you should then be able to apply that to a
        specific piercing weapon of the character's.

        > * It strikes me that PREAPPLY is not an intuitive name for what it does. The other PRExxx seem to be prerequisites for things. This one seems to be a toggle of whether something shows up in the temporary bonus tab.

        No, it is more than just a toggle: the PRExxx is "True" when applied
        from the temp bonus tab. BONUSes are calculated unless the PRExxx
        tags are all "True". The fact that the BONUS has a PREAPPLY means the
        Temp bonus tag will show them, yes. But the function of the tag is
        what to apply when the toggle "Applied" from the temp bonus tab is

        > * It seems strange that PREAPPLY modifies a BONUS tag rather than an entire object. I mean, if a template has a bunch of BONUS tags in it, what would happen if some have PREAPPLY attached and some don't? Does that make sense?

        Because it is STRICTLY a BONUS thing. That is how the Temporary bonus
        tab was coded up way back when. If you want to start a proposal for
        overhauling the temporary bonus feature, then by all means do so, but
        flesh it out instead of criticizing the limited scope that is
        currently implemented.

        And for the last Q there: Let's take an example template:
        Follower of FooBar
        TEMPDESC:This grants bonuses to temporary followers of FooBar

        A character that actually takes the template from the UI or from some
        other object that grants the template will get a +5 to his Deflection
        AC. (Said character would presumably a long time follower of Foobar)

        Any character that had from the Temporary Bonus tab the "Follower of
        FooBar" temp bonus would receive a +2 Divine bonus to his AC (but not
        the +5, since he doesn't actually have the template, just the
        temporary bonuses from the object. Unless the character also has the
        template attached as well)

        > * It seems strange that templates are described with TEMPDESC and most everything else is described with DESC tags.

        Actually, if there is a TEMPDESC in spells, etc, it will be described
        there. Templates don't have a DESC tag, whereas Feats, etc. do.
        Class files also use TEMPDESC.

        Tir Gwaith
        PCGen LST Chimp
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