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DOH O'well Hugo a ? was Re: Quick question for modern's animal

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  • dlm1065 <dlm1065@hotmail.com>
    ... are ... entries. :) ... folder ... and ... along ... are ... isn t ... right? ... dupe ... the ... right ... find ... while. No kidding working off the
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 27, 2003
      --- In PCGenListFileHelp@yahoogroups.com, "Hugo <emperorfranz@y...>"
      <emperorfranz@y...> wrote:
      > --- In PCGenListFileHelp@yahoogroups.com, "dlm1065 <dlm1065@h...>"
      > <dlm1065@h...> wrote:
      > > > Take a look in here.
      > > > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen/files/Campaign%
      > > 2BCentral/Inwork%
      > > > 20Projects/Sourcebooks/Modern/msrdv23.zip
      > > > Glanced at your file and noted that the animals you entered
      > > > already in msrdraces.lst Might be more worthwhile to reconcile
      > the
      > > > two since it's certainly possible I had mistakes in my
      entries. :)
      > > > It might also be a good idea to glance in the Modern files
      > > to
      > > > see what the latest files are before working on something new;
      > > > someone might have already done it. :)
      > > >
      > > > Hugo
      > > > LST Gibbon stuck in the body of Saguinus Imperator
      > >
      > > Sorry I think I have a case of Gremlinitous here lately I look
      > > look and don't see things or do weird crap then someone comes
      > > and says why did you _____?
      > >
      > > I swear I did NOT see the animals in there before but they sure
      > > there aren't they. D... I hate doing stuff for no reason :(
      > >
      > > O well I'll check and see if there are any mistakes in either
      > > version mine or Paul's and post a a new race file if I spot
      > anything
      > > I think I saw non srd stuff in the race file that has to go. Tir
      > > said it had to be in the MSRD to be in modern . The illithid
      > > in the MSRD so it has to be yanked.
      > >
      > > We still need the biosettings/typeclass for the MSRD though
      > > Have you done any of the templates? vampire? etc? so I don't
      > > something again
      > No harm done. I miss things when I'm concentrating too much too. :)
      > I hadn't done any of the templates nor a few select creatures(see
      > msrdraces.lst file for my notes on the missing items). You're
      > about the illithid(mea culpa, was working off the book since I
      > that handier to look at, just forgot to go back and audit myself
      > against the msrd afterwards :( ). I started working on Spycraft
      > before I could finish up that section so it lay stagnant for a

      No kidding working off the MSRD is a royal pain in the ... :(
      I took and typed the creatures names out of the msrd then filled in
      the info from the book then checked the book with the msrd. After
      done then I plan to double check against the MSRD.

      O'well by the time I get done and I finally play the game;I'll be
      one the "rule lawyers" in the group instead of being the "I didn't
      no that guy" :)

      > Have at it yourself. I don't think anyone other than yourself is
      > tinkering with that part of the msrd lst files right now.

      Cool I'll update/clean the races file and add the templates
      thanks Hugo
      > Later,
      > Hugo
      > LST Gorilla stuck in the body of Saguinus Imperator
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