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RE: [PCGenListFileHelp] a couple things

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  • Mynex
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      Subject: [PCGenListFileHelp] a couple things

      Mynex - I tried going through the stuff, but most of it looks like

      1 point (a):  Synergy bonuses should stack.  I and my group have
      racked our collective brains and can't think of a time, by the
      standard rules, that they don't.  So it should probably be added to
      the bonusstacks.lst.

      >> Yes it probably should, eh? ;)

      1 point (b): Why is Natural a stacking bonus?  If a creature with
      Natural armor wears Bracers of natural armor, only the highest number
      works.  There are Enhancements to Natural armor that add to the true
      natural armor of the creature, and that may be what is coming into

      >> Not from what I understand, but I could be wrong... Double check your
      source material, maybe send an email to the Sage asking for

      2 point (a): What is the preferred tag order in LST files?  I've seen
      some discussion back in early January.  I'm not adept at going
      through back messages and finding what was decided and kept.  Maybe
      I'm only missing the one post that has everything. 

      >> I had it at one time, it's changed, I just haven't updated my
      documents yet to post them anywhere... I'll try to get to it in the next
      few days

      2 point (b): Where do you want me to send my updated files?  Files in
      the Official release folder don't get CVSed very often, and those
      with access to CVS tend to check in other updates before those by
      those of us without can get it checked in.  Sorry of the run-on. 
      Also one of you check-in removed my finished Titan, mephits, and
      such.  Should I wait before doing more work untill the LSTs are
      cleaned up and finalized for a steady release?  I assume that is what
      the "Freeze" that Bryan was talking about last week was for.  Not
      having any details on that and that being when my DSL
      stopped "hiccuping", I'm not totally sure.

      >> Freeze is over. You can upload them to the yahoo groups, you can
      u/l them here, or you can email them to me... Probably the safest bet
      would be to email them to me, as they would definitely get sync'd up
      with the latest stuff in CVS (I update from CVS several times a day).
      But only send stuff to me if you're _positive_ it's done and ready. :)

      Tir Gwaith


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