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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Class-Level-Stat question

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, ... I m tempted just to say - email me direct since it seems this post can become very long and in-depth. But I won t (Unless you really want too...) ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 21, 2008

      lordmorin wrote:
      > I have 2 questions really.
      I'm tempted just to say - 'email me direct' since it seems this post can
      become very long and in-depth. But I won't (Unless you really want too...)
      > 1) In the Class editor, under Levels, I am trying to add a line that,
      > at 3rd level, allows the player to add +2 to a player selected stat.
      > So far I have had no luck.
      Junk the Editor, for what you want, you need to join the lst side of the
      force and use a 'proper' text editor.
      I use EditPlus, others use many of the other available ones (just avoid
      notepad, wordpad and MS OFFICE stuff).

      Open your Help Docs. Look at the section "I wanna Help" or "I want to
      make my own files" - brain is tired so that is paraphrasing, but most of
      what you want is in there... You'll also become close friends with the
      lst file tag index.
      > Currently I have the level set to 3, Bonus selected in the drop down,
      > and I've entered the following: 'STAT|CHOOSE:STAT|2'. The editor seems
      > to accept this, however, when I try it by leveling a test character to
      > 3rd, I get no stat bonus selection window. Anyone know what I'm doing
      > wrong? Or is what I want to do not possible?
      3 <tab> ADD:FEAT|MyStatFeat

      In Feat file:
      <tab> BONUS:STAT|LIST|2

      NOTE: SOme of the choosers have been getting revamped and fixed... if
      that choose doesn't work you can always try
      Though Tom says it's not a good idea.... Though he hasn't elaborated on
      that... ;-)
      > 2) Is there a website with lots of examples concerning lst files?
      > There are so many things I want to do, especially with duplicating
      > feats from various sources in PCGen, that just don't work the way I
      > think they should. Samples would make mmy life so much easier. :)
      You mean like


      Otherwise, the best way to learn is actually look at the feats and how they work. Best examples of the rsrd are in data/d20ogl/srd35/basic/*_feats.lst

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