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  • Mynex
    Well, I m taking a break this weekend away from the list files... Everything except pools of radiance module (Bradh lock still) has been put into CVS this
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 8, 2002
      Well, I'm taking a break this weekend away from the list files...
      Everything except pools of radiance module (Bradh lock still) has been
      put into CVS this morning... I would go through the Bug/FReq/Data File
      trackers and fix as many of the issues as possible... barring that,
      actual list work? The equipmods files need to be put in order so that
      all the magic/optional sizes/masterwork items (weapons/armor only) can
      be archived out of the list files.

      On Monday I'll be going back through and pulling all those items/files
      to archive and fixing the pcc files...

      Just make sure you get a clean checkout from CVS...


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      Ok, give me some stuff.  I can probably run through race files the
      best.  Now that I'm kinda in the loop, give me an assignment.  My
      group just went on a 2 week hyatus, so I don't have to prepare (or
      run) the sessions.  That frees up some nice time to work on PCGen. 
      Both the MM and the cleanup.  I was looking at some PHB and DMG stuff
      that hasn't been touched in a long while, and could use some new
      (old) tags.  Like BONUS:SKILL instead of the old SKILL:, etc.  also
      page sources on some of it.

      Give me a section however you are doing it, and I'll get it done.

      Tir Gwaith

      --- In PCGenListFileHelp@y..., "Mynex" <mynex3@h...> wrote:
      > I need some volunteers to help me overhaul the list files.  With the
      > implementation of the Armor Stacking code and the new abilities of
      > custom button, I'll need a few people to help sort some things out.
      > Anyone that is interested and willing to put in the time, please
      > me directly.  On Monday I plan on having a full schedule of what
      > to be done to the list files.  My day tomorrow is full, so I will be
      > doing all the planning out on Sunday, so if I don't get back to you
      > right away, don't panic. :)
      > This is all grunt work.  Very little is going to be able to be
      > automated, but where we can, we will.  And you don't have to know
      > way the syntax all works to be of help!
      > Any help will be greatly appreciated, and the sooner the list
      > is done, the sooner we can get the Code Monkeys to start adding new
      > things. :)
      > Mynex
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