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Re: I could use some help with substitution levels

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  • Gene
    Woo! One problem down, THANKS! :) ... I ... behavior
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 1, 2007
      Woo! One problem down, THANKS! :)

      --- In PCGenListFileHelp@yahoogroups.com, Eric C Smith <maredudd@...>
      > Hi Gene,
      > I can't help with most of this without doing a of of digging, but
      > can help with the HD issue.
      > You wrote:
      > > HD: This could be considered a bit nitpicky but in case this
      > > was not intended or desired, here goes. At 1st level the character
      > > gets a lower HD. I got this part working fine. At 2nd level
      > > however, there's no substitution. In order to do that I did HD:6
      > > however when I leveled up to level 2, it was still HD:6. I can't
      > > figure out how to reset the HD back.
      > You will need to use the HITDIE tag instead of the HD tag. HD is
      > used on Class lines while HITDIE is used on Class Level lines.
      > Maredudd
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