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Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Weight changes

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  • Tir Gwaith
    Try BONUS:VAR|LOADSCORE|-1*(STRSCORE/2) ... -- Tir Gwaith PCGen LST Chimp
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 21, 2006
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      On 8/21/06, Avi <alazar_076@...> wrote:
      > I am creating a race that suffers a weight penalty. The carrying
      > capacity is 1/2 of anyone else that races strength. So if strength 10
      > allows a max of 100, for this rax it allows a max of 50.
      > What could I do, in the race files, to make this change?

      Tir Gwaith
      PCGen LST Chimp
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