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Re: Questions and ??BUG?? for Dragon class in the RSRD

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  • Benoît Bottin
    ... You are right. I hadn t noticed it that way but the SRD (or the books for that matter) don t seem to say anything about granting bonus languages to
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 19, 2006
      On 18 Aug 2006 at 11:41, Eddy Anthony wrote:

      > > 2. The question: in creating the same dragons, PCGen does not allow
      > > me any extra language based on intelligence, even when enabling the
      > > house rule that I could choose them after 1st level (in that case,
      > > the chooser proposes an empty list to choose from!). Is that
      > > purposefully done or is it another bug in the Dragon implementation
      > > of the RSRD ?
      > The languages you can choose for this feature are set by the LANGBONUS
      > tag in the race line. Humans have LANGBONUS:ALL and so can choose any.
      > I just checked the Dragons and they do not have this tag, it may be
      > that they are not granted bonus languages, some races are that way. If
      > the are supposed to receive bonus languages then we have a data bug.
      > If not and you want to 'house rule' it just add LANGBONUS:ALL to the
      > race line or .MOD it in

      You are right. I hadn't noticed it that way but the SRD (or the books
      for that matter) don't seem to say anything about granting bonus
      languages to monsters based on Int. I'll make it a house rule then.

      > > 3. Question 2: I have two green dragons, one which is "young adult"
      > > and one which is "mature adult". I first tried to do the mature
      > > adult by cloning the young adult one and simply adding the missing
      > > dragon levels. If my memory serves me good (no PCGen here at work),
      > > I need 23 HD of dragons for the mature adult; the young adult only
      > > has 17. PCGen, however, refuses to go beyond level 20. Am I doing
      > > something wrong or is it impossible to do what I tried ?
      > Could be you are hitting the HITDICEADVANCEMENT limit, the rules
      > specify an amount of levels you can add to some creatures. There is a
      > preference to bypass this.

      It may indeed be so: the young adult can only advance to 19 HD (after
      that it becomes an adult with 20 HD, effectively changing race in
      PCGen since all the dragon ages are implemented as different races.
      > When you say 'clone', what do you mean?

      I simply meant "Save as..." under a different name and pile up some
      more levels on it rather thant starting anew a fresh creature.

      Thanks for the answer,


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