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  • Felipe F. Diniz
    ... ... Hi Aaron, Yes, that s exactly what it s supposed to do. I want to allow the languages of this specific type to be chosen as bonus languages,
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 16, 2006
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      > --- "Felipe F. Diniz" <fdiniz@...> wrote:
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      > > "frank_kliewe"
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      > > > I'm not sure, but the Docs show the
      > > LANGBONUS:TYPE=Written example
      > > only
      > > > in Classes and Templates, but not in Races, so it
      > > could be that it
      > > > doesn't work there. You could try if it works
      > > using a hidden
      > > template.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Cheerio,
      > > >
      > > > Frank Kliewe
      > > > PCGen Content Silverback
      > Hi Felipe,
      > A couple of things. First a clarification, are you
      > trying to grant all Spoken (or Written whichever it
      > is) languages as "Bonus" Languages. That is adding to
      > the list of languages a character may choose from to
      > fill the languages they get from their intelligence
      > bonus? Your initial post seemed to imply this
      > language choice was in addition to other languages
      > granted so I am not sure.
      > If you are indeed trying to do this then I am afraid I
      > have bad news for you. The LANGBONUS tag only accepts
      > actual languages. This means to get this to work you
      > will need to list each available language separately
      > in your LANGBONUS tag. You may want to open a FREQ
      > for this tag to be more flexible.
      > If instead you are just trying to grant an extra
      > language for free then you can use
      > -Aaron
      > ----------------
      > Aaron Divinsky
      > PCGen Docs 2nd, Data Chimp, Code Gibbon, Doc Tamarin

      Hi Aaron,

      Yes, that's exactly what it's supposed to do. I want to allow the
      languages of this specific type to be chosen as bonus languages,
      based on INT. I use LANGBONUS:ALL for all races (and it works,
      but this specific race can only choose from a limited list,
      based on the type of the language. (can you see how hard i'm
      trying to avoid using "forbidden" names? :) )

      If it doesn't work, then we must have a DOC BUG. Frank stated above
      (and i verified after he said) that LANGBONUS:TYPE=... is in the docs
      for the template file. Should we add a [DOC BUG] ?

      Also, do you guys think it's worth a CODE FREQ? If so, can a TM add

      [FREQ} Allow LANGBONUS:TYPE=...

      Felipe Diniz
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