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Re: [BUG] Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Re: [pcgen] Cost:0 Feat

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  • david allan finch
    ... yes ... thanks Regards DaveF
    Message 1 of 16 , Jul 28, 2006
      Stefan Radermacher wrote:
      > david allan finch wrote:
      >> I tried adding the TYPE:Trait as it was General, in 2.8.1 still the
      >> same. So I tried 2.10.0 and I get the same there as well.
      > I pasted your feat into my file and tried to add it to a character, and
      > indeed I couldn't. The chooser comes up but I have no choices available.
      > That is probably what you are seeing, right?


      > I think the problem here is the CHOOSE tag you are using, since PCGen
      > limits the number of choices you are allowed to make by the number added
      > to the CHOOSE tag *and* by the number of feats you have remaining (you
      > can see that if you select Weapon Focus on a character with several
      > feats remaining and check the number of choices.)
      > In my eyes this does indeed qualify as a bug. PCGen should see that the
      > feat has COST:0 and not limit the choices by the number of remaining feats.


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