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[ANNOUNCE] - Donations, Promotions and Re-organisations and of course 5.8.1....

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  • Martijn Verburg
    Hi all, A quick round up of what has been happening and what will be happening soon. Don t forget our Wiki sits at http://www.legolas.org/pcgen/pytw/#Welcome
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2006
      Hi all,

      A quick round up of what has been happening and what will be happening
      soon. Don't forget our Wiki sits at

      1.) We've recieved more donations and now have $US160 to spend! We're
      going to initially be spending a small amount of that (about $US30) on
      buying 100,000 advertising impressions on ENWorld for the release of
      5.8.1(at this stage scheduled for this weekend - see I snuck that in).
      Thanks to
      everyone who donated, your support has truly humbled us here at the the
      BoD!! Any suggestions on how to get biggest advertising bang for our buck
      would be appreciated.

      2.) Kent Behrands is an old Tracker Monkey who has kindly returned to the
      fold. He is the first TM to be assigned specifically to a team (The Docs
      team) with hte re-organisation of PCGen and will be a constant presence
      alongside the Silverback making sure that the Docs team runs smoothly and
      that no Docs team member feels alone any more :-). For all of the work that
      Kent has put into PCGen in the past and present, I'd like to announce his
      promotion to a Tamarin! If you have any questions about the Docs team, its
      active Trackers etc, please contact Kent (see his details on the Wiki). We
      will be looking to have this 'TM with SB' structure in place for Data, OS
      and Code before the end of Feb.

      3.) The BoD will meet next week and overhaul the Bylaws and team structure
      (on the Wiki), as always we'll post a log of the meeting on the main Y!

      4.) We've managed to recruit several new Docs, OS and Publihser Liaison
      monkeys, but we're still looking for a Public Relations Monkey and several
      more Tracker Monkeys.

      5.) Please be patient with us during this re-structuring time, I realise
      that several bug reports etc are not getting their usual attention, but once
      the new team structures and processes come into place things will improve

      Any questions, comments, criticisms etc please send my way

      Thanks again all!
      Karianna - TM SB, PCGen BoD

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