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Re: [PCGScry] Spells tab

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  • Ross Carlson
    Hi Max, thanks for the great suggestion ... keep em comin! The slower load time is due to the fact that the new spell search feature requires that the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 9, 2002
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      Hi Max, thanks for the great suggestion ... keep em comin!

      The slower load time is due to the fact that the new spell search feature
      requires that the application scan all the spell XML files to build a list
      of available spell names. This makes the actual searching process much
      faster. I figured the increased load time was worth it to keep the speed up
      during actual use of the program.

      Your suggestion for the spells tab is pretty tough to implement from a
      coding perspective, especially if you want the "state" of your spells to be
      saved when you exit the program, but I'll put some thought into it.

      Originally I wrote this program as a simple viewer of PCGen character data.
      I hadn't intended to build in any features to support gameplay at the
      table, such as casting spells, hit points, etc. But now that I see that
      there is some demand for additional features, I may just let the program
      become a real game table aid. We'll have to see. :) At any rate, please
      feel free to send me any wish list items you have ... at the very least,
      I'll keep them on file and implement them on a time-permitting basis. :)


      > Ross,
      > Great idea to set up your own group. PCGen's list is so busy it's
      > hard to pick other messages out. You might want to mention this
      > list on your web page, to help drive people over here.
      > Two things I thought I'd mention: the program has gotten
      > significantly slower in the latest release. About 12-14 seconds to
      > load the program now. Characters load in about the same time as
      > before, though.
      > Second, I mentioned in an email to you that it would be great if we
      > could somehow mark which spells are memorized. My imagination ran
      > wild with that idea for a while and came up with a few added wish list
      > items.
      > On the spell tab, first it would be great to be able to mark the
      > spells you have memorized. Then, the ability to filter the list so
      > that only the memorized spells are visible would help a lot
      > (especially high level characters that have access to a ton of
      > spells.) As you cast a spell, you would mark it off on your
      > PocketPC, and the spell disappears from your list of available
      > spells. So, you have a constant view of what is actually available to
      > cast.
      > I freely admit that I have no programming experience of any kind, so I
      > have been known to suggest things that are not simple. However, I
      > just toss them out to see what is possible, and what isn't. Any
      > time I get too crazy, feel free to say so. ;-)
      > Great program.
      > Max
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      -Ross Carlson
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