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Re: 1.3.1d/1.3.2 Final version.

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  • spacy12003
    ... much you ... Thanks Greg. There is still quite a bit of work to do on it, but overall, I m happy with the results of the changes. I plan on using them
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2004
      > I just got back after a 2 week abscence and I am happy to see how
      much you
      > have done!
      Thanks Greg. There is still quite a bit of work to do on it, but
      overall, I'm happy with the results of the changes. I plan on using
      them quite a bit in the campaigns that I'm in.

      > Thanks for everything you did. I see one here referencing a greg
      giving a
      > hand with the template, but I must say, that I am willing, but I am
      not sure
      > I am capable, hehe. You say here that you have streamlined the
      template, do
      > you think you have that sucker cleaned up nice?

      No problem. I did it for all of us (even myself ; ) ). I was just
      happy to be able to throw in as many changes as I could before I
      handed the source code back over to the group. I'm sure that if you
      want you'll be able to fix the template. There is also the source
      code that is posted if you wanted to work on that as well. It's
      pretty much up to you. Just let the group know that you've taken
      possession of the code, so that way there aren't several flavours of
      the same PCGScry version.

      As for the template, I've streamlined it a little bit, but there
      still needs to be some improvements to the way that it generates the
      Weapons and Armors in XML. Ross seems to have hard coded the
      FOR..NEXT loops to do 100 iterations, when I'm not sure that they
      have to. I've corrected the feats and other FOR..NEXT loops, but
      there are still those 2 to correct (since I couldn't find the
      corresponding object in PCGEN that would give the .COUNT of the

      The major problem though seems to be focussed around the Spells area
      of the XML file. It generates quite a few blank lines that cause for
      HUGE gaps at the end of the file. This problem is I believe mostly
      to blame for the LARGE xml files that people aren't able to load into
      PCGScry. This is a fair problem, but at least if this gets fixed
      then the program will be able to be used by those 9th+ level

      > Due to an additional campaign I am in that involves the Weird War
      II game,
      > most of my efforts recently have been toward modifying PCGEN to
      create the
      > character and then altering the template so that I can export it to
      > (I am now addicted to electronic character sheets, hehe).

      I know the feeling. At some point, I'm thinking about creating one
      of my own for 2nd edition D&D. I tried to keep the spirit of what
      Ross intended into this application, since he had a goal in mind when
      he created it.

      > Enjoy your break from coding (this program anyways) and thanks for
      all your work,

      Thanks Greg! I'm sure that I'll return to PCGScry after I've
      completed other coding jobs that I have on my plate.

      Good luck, and if you need any help just post. Chances are that
      either Tom, Ross, or myself will be looking in from time to time to
      give some advice (if needed). There are a lot of good people in this

      Best wishes!

      Murray H. Smith
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