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New 1.3.1b is released...

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  • spacy12003
    I tried to cram as much coding time as I could in this week-end to see what I could accomplish. I didn t get a chance to accomplish fixing the Saving problem
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2004
      I tried to cram as much coding time as I could in this week-end to
      see what I could accomplish. I didn't get a chance to accomplish
      fixing the Saving problem that the PPC o/s 2003 is experiencing.
      This is due to the fact that by the time that I started looking at it
      I would've had to have added quite a few display messageboxes to the
      screen (for troubleshooting purposes) that most people would find
      annoying... So it'll be in the next version.

      Here is a list of what I've accomplished so far for 1.3.1b

      - [PAGE]Problem description [Estimated release time]

      - [MAIN]Right aligned all ability and ability modifier scores.
      - [MAIN]Fixed a problem with the combo box where the last character
      was being defaulted. It is now defaulting to the first.
      - [MAIN]Added a Sleep 8 hours button, but it is not completely coded
      yet. It currently only tabulates an 8 hour period for the Hit Points
      and the Subdual damage.
      - [MAIN]Moved the Reset button up around the classes to allow for
      more space
      - [MAIN]Reduced the Fort, Ref, Will saves to 2 boxes and made
      - [MAIN]Reduced the Melee and Ranged attack bonuses to 2 boxes and
      made clickable
      - [MAIN]Allowed changes in Dex to impact AC, Reflex and Ranged attacks
      - [MAIN]Allowed CON Changes to impact Fort saves
      - [MAIN]Allowed WIS Changes to impact Will saves
      - [MAIN]Allowed STR Changes to impact the Melee attacks
      - [MAIN]Modified the entry of HP to a text box with + and - buttons
      - [MAIN]Reduced the Subdual Damage label to SD.
      - [MAIN]Modified the entry of SD to a text box with + and - buttons
      - [MAIN]Added logic to the subdual damage so that it doesn't go below
      0. It will still display the staggered and unconscious results.
      - [BIO]Added an entry field to Experience field with a + and - buttons
      - [MONEY]Added an entry field to Money field with a + and - buttons
      - [GENERAL]Fixed a glitch in the Page menu system that caused Money
      to be displayed last.
      - [GENERAL]Added a separator field to the menu system under page so
      that about stands less of a chance to be pressed.
      - [GENERAL]Added logic to the load screen so that it displays which
      character is being loaded, the size of the file, and where it is in
      the load procedure

      STILL TO DO:
      - [GENERAL]Get the save state to work [Next Beta version]
      - [GENERAL]Get logic within the application to move the spells xml
      sheets and character xml sheets automatically at startup (and create
      the spells and character directories automatically). [Next Beta
      - [GENERAL]Enable logic that will only allow for numeric data to be
      typed into certain fields
      - [GENERAL]Ability to disable clickable and text entry areas when
      data isn't loaded and reenable them when a character is loaded.
      - [GENERAL]Add the ability to Save the state of the character at any
      - [MAIN]Finish Coding the Sleep 8 hour button (reset the spells and
      abilities used during the day).
      - [MAIN]Add logic to allow for Special Class abilities
      Add Bardic Music (Bards)
      Add Turning section (Clerics/Paladins)
      Add Rage section (Barbarians)
      Add Wholeness of Body section (Monks)
      Add Wild shape section (Druid)
      - [MAIN]Fix the AC display MSGBOX to add the increases to AC.
      - [MAIN]Get the HP to adjust when Con is increased.
      - [MAIN]Improved the functionality of the reset button so that it
      will remove Temp bonuses.
      - [MONEY]Allow the money textbox to add decimals. It is currently
      only performing integer calculations
      - [OPTIONAL]Increase Weight allowances when STR is increased.
      - [OPTIONAL]Add Domains section (Spellcasters)
      - [OPTIONAL]Add Prohibited section (Spellcasters)
      - [OPTIONAL]Add Racial Abilities section
      - [OPTIONAL]Support spell DC calculation based on feats (Spell Focus,

      Anyways... That's pretty much it for now. I'm going to try and
      release a new version every Sunday until the changes that I want into
      the application. Once I'm happy with the version, or I get tired of
      coding then I'll publish the new source and make it a full version

      Take care guys and I hope that you enjoy it. Let me know if you
      experience any problems that I haven't found already.

      Murray H. Smith
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