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Re: It's been a long time...

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  • spacy12003
    No problem Greg. I intend on using it as much as you guys do. I was a previous user of PCGenView on the Palm for over a year, so I m now familiar with both
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 4, 2004
      No problem Greg. I intend on using it as much as you guys do. I was
      a previous user of PCGenView on the Palm for over a year, so I'm now
      familiar with both sides of the these types of software. I think
      that PCGScry has quite a bit of potential, and I have to admit that I
      code for a living and I was impressed with Ross's coding style. He
      did a really good job, so I'm trying to keep this true to his coding
      standards, and look and feel of the application.

      I still keep a paper copy for the time being of my sheets, but mostly
      just for 2 weapon fighting, missile weapon upkeep and the like.

      I just hope that you enjoy 1.3.1b when it comes out this weekend. I
      haven't spent much time on it all in all, but it should still have
      several changes to it.

      Thanks Greg and I'll talk to you later.

      Murray H. Smith

      --- In PCGScry@yahoogroups.com, "Greg Bassett" <gregorybassett@h...>
      > I look forward to all these changes. Thanks for your time and
      > I am so glad that I can go "paperless" now at sessions.
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      > >Subject: [PCGScry] It's been a long time...
      > >Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 03:56:48 -0000
      > >
      > >Well guys, after receiving my PPC back from HP yesterday, I've now
      > >had about 20 mins to start coding changes to the existing app
      > >(building upon 1.3.1a).
      > >
      > >1.3.1b will have improved functionality. I've already implemented
      > >code to display what is going on during the load process and
      > >how big the file actually is in Kb. This should help track down
      > >problems that we are having. Since no one has posted one of their
      > >big sheets for me to try out, I'll just wait and see what is
      > >with the new functionality.
      > >
      > >I've also started to reorganize the Main page.
      > >
      > >I've modified the Hit Point area, since I found the previous
      > >although well coded a bit clunky. I've added a text box to type in
      > >your hit points(defaulted to 1) and a + and - button. The Reset
      > >button (R) will still be present.
      > >
      > >There is quite a bit of information on the main page, but not all
      > >it needs to be displayed at all times. I'm thinking about reducing
      > >the saves, and the melee and ranged attacks down to 3 columns. The
      > >Name (of course), the Total, and the Temp fields. This will not
      > >you from viewing this information, since it is important, all it
      > >means is that you will have to click on the Total field to get the
      > >full scoop on what is going on (similar to the AC button). This
      > >add considerable space to the sheet and hopefully allow me to
      > >the other enhancements that I will be detailing below.
      > >
      > >I will be adding code to automatically create the Spells directory
      > >and the Characters directories under PCGScry and move the
      > >files to them upon detection, that the directories don't already
      > >exist.
      > >
      > >I want to add the 'Class Abilities' section for classes. I know
      > >Ross wanted to add it, I'll be investigating the possibility of
      > >adding it. If I don't get a chance to code it by the next version,
      > >it will at least have a place holder section on the main page.
      > >
      > >I would like to add a rest/sleep button that would add your level
      > >hit points and restore your spells, and any other abilities that
      > >get on a day to day basis. Not a difficult coding job, but one
      > >I think that would improve the character upkeep.
      > >
      > >I would also like to add a money textbox, to be able to keep track
      > >gold, and such in a decimal format.
      > >
      > >On the Bio page, I want to add functionality that will allow for
      > >to update the experience of the character.
      > >
      > >==========================
      > >1) [MAJOR]I have to investigate the logic surrounding the state
      > >saving and discover why it doesn't work in PPC2003.
      > >2) [MINOR]I have to fix a problem with the AC button. It will not
      > >update when values are added into the Temp Dex score.
      > >3) [MAJOR]Fix the problems with large files... (but I need some
      > >back to get this done).
      > >
      > >That's about all that I have for now, depending on how much time I
      > >have the new Beta of the vb file should be posted at some point
      > >weekend and I'll let you know what goodies I've been able to
      > >in.
      > >
      > >I would like to know if what everyone thinks of these changes and
      > >enhancements... You might even have others and I'd like to hear
      > >them.
      > >
      > >Have a great week everyone. Talk to ya all this week-end!
      > >
      > >Murray H. Smith
      > >
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