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404Re: PCGen and PCScry

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  • Martijn Verburg
    Apr 19, 2007
      Hello back :)

      It would be fantastic if you could assist Martin with PCGScry, you'll
      probably be able to assist a good deal with your knowledge of the
      current version of PCGen :).

      As for porting to Java, it would certainly fit in with the PCGen main
      project very very well. In fact you'd be able to extend on the
      plugins that pcgen provides! Not to mention having lots more Java
      developers that could help out.

      We're still wrapping up our publisher liaison work, but once that's
      sotred we'll be focussing on publicsiing PCGScry and pcgenview.


      > Hi Karianna ;)
      > Maybe you remember me from the PcGen mailing list...
      > Actually, I'm waiting for the "Internationalization of PcGen"
      > mantainer to come back cause I'm interested in translating all the
      > stuff in Italian.
      > In the meantime, I contacted Martin here and maybe we will do
      > something toghether in the weekend.
      > Infact I'm interested in both having a master tool that loads
      > characters and helps me to administrate a D&D session, and having
      > the stuff translated in Italian. That of course links every of you
      > A java translation of PcGScry would be another step ahead into that
      > project, but by now I just want the things "working" so I will try
      > help Martin (as I can) in the "adding master tools" part of the
      > I was talking with him about java translation in another topic,
      > the future of Pocket Pcs is actually obscure, and Visual Basic .net
      > isn't really an example of "portability", it surely wont work on
      > iPhone that will be only java or macosx compatible... and iPhone
      > rule the Palm world in less than 2-3 years...
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