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402Re: PcGScry: feature request

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  • nokao83
    Apr 16 2:19 PM
      Thanks for the complete answers (sorry for not quoting you but I'm not
      sure of the result in the html version of the mailing list).

      The only think I didn't understand is if you're planning to add that
      feats on PcGScry yourself or if you want me to join you and make them
      myself :D

      If I can help in someway, I'll do it... of course probably I will take
      a month to understand and edit correctly the source code for do what I
      need :D

      I'm a programmer but this software seems to be a little tough, PcGen
      is a little bigger and needs dozens of programmers to be updated ;)

      I didn't understand too why anyone have needed the feats I proposed
      before... those are the only useful things that I can imagine for a
      software like that, except of course if all the players of a party
      have a palm and the master have a notebook :D

      In this case it's actually useful itself and useless for a master, but
      in other normal cases (like our case, only me with a palm) the
      multi-loading of characters should be the best use of PCGSCry.

      Of course I think that the option 2) you described is better than the
      1) cause It allows the master to load characters only if really needed
      (for advanced purposes like put a barbarian into an rage or remove
      spells/arrows from mage/archers players).
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