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400Re: PcGScry: feature request 2

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  • nokao83
    Apr 16 5:34 AM
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      I see the software and it seems to work good (i made it crash working
      on the gold pieces page but probably it was some "internationalization
      of the dot separator of numbers issue" (there in italy we use ",").

      However: I see that saving and loading different pcs is enough fast,
      however, the "instance" work have to be done...

      A static pc is good for me, but an istance have some other variables
      that should be added... now... there are two ways of doing this...

      adding the few variables (for example the total initiative as sum of
      the actual and the rolled) and use the work as-it-is now. Saving and
      loading and creating a character for every monster...
      In this case the only thing that have to be done is ordering them by
      initiative roll, on the load character scroll box (this can be done in
      various "dirty" ways.

      So as a master, i see them in order, load them, and switch at every
      turn with each one editing the frontal data (hp, charges (that can be
      used for arrows as well) and other stuff).

      2) adding a new class (the instance of a character that can be use to
      generate monsters) and adding a new section (the page that allows me
      to load the frontal data in an easyer way).
      The easyer way could be the thing that i explained in the other
      post... a menu that have all istances in a big tab (like the scrollbar
      you already did at the bottom of the screen) and make the user load
      the data in a small "frontal important data" section that is placed on
      the remaining space of the window.

      My doubts about that is the memory necessary to open everything... so,
      maybe, the point 2) is better cause a lighter class can be useful with
      20-30 datasheets to open... the data can be loaded from the various
      xml and can create a NEW xml with only the frontal data that is useful
      for a master... adding and removing monsters should be easy cause they
      can be generated on the click from pre-created npc data sheets.

      3) a roll dye section have to be done too ;) (that is easy and the
      menus on the bottom bar of the software are so useful in this task)

      Tell me what you think about it...

      However: passing to java now shouldn't be a good thing, your (and of
      course the previous already done work) are good and doing all again
      could be heavy. It can be considered a future step...

      I don't think that a notebook is good in D&D sessions, a palm for me
      is a good compromise between paper and easy life for a D&D master.

      Actually, palms are always more diffuse so doing that work should be
      more useful than the work that the previous creator did 5 (awesome)
      years ago.

      My only doubts are between the "java" thing and the evolution that
      palms are doing. I guess if the famouse iPhone will be able to use a
      binary done in .net with visual basic... iPhone will be a great Pocket
      PC "killer" and I'm not an expert of that things.

      Make me know what you think about the two ways of doing what i need,
      and tell me if you are interested in working toghether.

      Maybe Wizard will be interested in a work like that too, what you
      think about it? ;)

      p.s. the sources are under the gpl licence right? you inherited the
      code with that licence on it right?
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