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397RE: [PCGScry] PcGScry: feature request

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  • Martin Smith
    Apr 15, 2007
      I'm the maintainer of the code, making updates every now and again.
      It is written in VB.net (v1), having been quickly converted the eVB that was used with Pocket PC2002.
      There isn't too much actual source code behind it, as all the controls are supplied as standard in .net.
      There are no facilities in the tool for DMs really; although you can switch which character is loaded,
      and any temporary changes (like hit points) can be saved before you switch to a new character.
      I'm thinking of porting it to standard Java (not any form of MS perversion of it), so that it can be used
      on more hand-held machines. Do the palm machines have a java VM available in them?
      Adding all the DM stuff into PCGscry could theoretically be done, but then why not use a cheap laptop
      instead of a Pocket PC?  <grin>  (The price seems almost the same.)
      I will upload the latest sources.
      -- Martin
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      Subject: [PCGScry] PcGScry: feature request

      Hi, I'm both a programmer and a D&D Master and I like that project so

      While I'm downloading all in the files section, I have some questions:
      - How PCGScry is compiled? (.net i guess)
      - Who is still working on it?
      - Where can I give a look to the sources?

      I think that PCGScry's creator was really ahead of time... in the 2002
      palms and pocket pc wasn't really used. But now? Now their starting to
      be used by a lot of people around, and I'm thinking to buy one for my
      D&D sessions.

      Actually, I have a palm at work and i developed software for palm with
      Lazarus (an open source pascal cross compilator that allowed me to
      compile a bin for windows mobile).

      So... why don't we give it a chance?

      The thing that I think that PCGScy misses is:
      a MASTER screen!

      Sorry in advance if it already exists and I still have not recognized
      it (I'm still downloading all the stuff with the pocket pc virtual
      emulator too).

      I looked at the OLD sreenshots, and there it don't exist. It would be
      so useful to have master section where to order MORE THAN ONE
      character (a list) by a rolled (or inputtable) initiative, and edit
      their hp!

      Adding monsters too (clicking on a pre-created monster and duplicating
      them) would be really awesome!

      While I wait an answer, I try to make PcGScry work on windows using
      pocket pc virtualization tools... if I don't make it I will try it
      tomorrow at work.

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