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396PcGScry: feature request

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  • nokao83
    Apr 15 5:44 AM
      Hi, I'm both a programmer and a D&D Master and I like that project so

      While I'm downloading all in the files section, I have some questions:
      - How PCGScry is compiled? (.net i guess)
      - Who is still working on it?
      - Where can I give a look to the sources?

      I think that PCGScry's creator was really ahead of time... in the 2002
      palms and pocket pc wasn't really used. But now? Now their starting to
      be used by a lot of people around, and I'm thinking to buy one for my
      D&D sessions.

      Actually, I have a palm at work and i developed software for palm with
      Lazarus (an open source pascal cross compilator that allowed me to
      compile a bin for windows mobile).

      So... why don't we give it a chance?

      The thing that I think that PCGScy misses is:
      a MASTER screen!

      Sorry in advance if it already exists and I still have not recognized
      it (I'm still downloading all the stuff with the pocket pc virtual
      emulator too).

      I looked at the OLD sreenshots, and there it don't exist. It would be
      so useful to have master section where to order MORE THAN ONE
      character (a list) by a rolled (or inputtable) initiative, and edit
      their hp!

      Adding monsters too (clicking on a pre-created monster and duplicating
      them) would be really awesome!

      While I wait an answer, I try to make PcGScry work on windows using
      pocket pc virtualization tools... if I don't make it I will try it
      tomorrow at work.
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