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388RE: [PCGScry] Unsupported Device Type

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  • Martin Smith
    Nov 16, 2006
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      Hi B,
      I'm not an expert on .NETcf programming, but I think that Pocket PC phone edition doesn't support enough of the graphical features for it to use PCGscry.
      I will try building a version for phone edition this evening, but I think I've already tried it and it didn't work.
      I do know that PCGscry won't run on Pocket PC 2002 (due to the lack of .NETcf v1.0 support)
      -- Martin
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      Sent: 16 November 2006 05:39
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      Subject: [PCGScry] Unsupported Device Type

      I've just tried to install the newest PCGScry on my handheld ( hitachi
      G 1000 ) and am getting an 'unsupported device type' error message.
      How do I go about installing Scry? Is there another version I should
      be using (older, different install .exe or .msi)?

      I'd just like to use my handheld for my sheets, would make my life a
      whole lot easier.


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