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295RE: [PCGScry] Re: loading difficulty

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  • Chris
    Sep 7, 2005
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      > Two files I exported to use with PCSCRYÂ… One is mine (Mallick), the
      > other is one of the ones off the Group list. Neither one works in
      > PCSCRY. Both used the standard character XML output file, not the
      > new one Barak loaded.

      I'll look at them when I get home tonight.

      > I couldn't even get that one to produce a file that could be read in,

      What do you mean by this? PCGen didn't produce an output file using
      the template I uploaded?

      Are you using PCGen 5.8.0? That's required for the sheet I uploaded.

      > the old ones produced a file, but it never loaded. The application
      > started, but the character sheet froze.

      I'm still confused as to the distinction you're making here... what is
      the difference between what you get with my template and these?

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