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292RE: [PCGScry] Re: loading difficulty

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  • Joe Medica
    Sep 2 7:36 PM

      I have to get the files off the PDA at work on Tuesday and then send them home to this email address since thy killed the POP access at wok.  After that, I’ll send them up to you.  I get the same thin as below – file on the PDA, I open PCScry and access a sheet, then nothing.  Screen flickers and then the application locks up.


      Joe Medica


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      Have you looked at the exported character?  If this contains blank fields
      and such, it is not a PCGScry problem, it is probably OS related.

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      > Yes, I used the open button to load the xml sheet from the - the
      > program seems to respond ie, screen flickers for a sec - and I can
      > navigate through the tabs, but there's no data.  I also tried
      > d/ling and opening the "Sabine" and "Hoshi" characters from the files
      > section of this group - same problem.

      E-mail me your XML file (the one you get after export) and I'll see if
      I can see anything wrong in it.



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