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  • ivanderb
    Ooooh Maryland. Way to go, Los Bartley. I ll come see you guys in early 2006, since it s just a hop-skip-jump from Philly. Unless, of course, I decide to never
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 9, 2005
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      Ooooh Maryland. Way to go, Los Bartley. I'll come see you guys in
      early 2006, since it's just a hop-skip-jump from Philly. Unless, of
      course, I decide to never leave E.S. (Not!)

      Update: I am working nine to five in a cubicle and somehow that's
      perfect for me. Is that what Peace Corps does to a person? Does Peace
      Corps make us appreciate things like cubicles and work hours? Well if
      they would have put that in the brochure...

      We (Jill, Ramya and I) rented a modest penthouse luxury
      apartment across from the Radisson. We eat rum brownies. We make
      lasagna and eggplant dishes. In the morning we watch CNN on our new
      phillips television, getting up during commecials to take our laundry
      out of the frigidaire washer machine. When I come in from hanging the
      clothes on the line in our private garden area, I sometimes turn on
      the air conditioning and pour myself come cold orange juice with ice
      in it. And just like they say, 'there is nothing like air
      conditioning and cold orange juice to get you ready for a hot shower'
      (which we also have).
      In the evenings I play tennis on the Radisson's courts, or take a
      dip in the pool, and afterwards I order a light salad (or perhaps the
      full rib platter) from the dinner menu. Desert, as you may recall, is
      rum brownies. Jill and I are thinking of joining the Gym, and so we
      refer to ourselves in public, out loud, and ad nauseum, as "Mr. and
      Ms. Jillian-hyphen-Fox Vanderburg", because that way we get the
      family rate. It will also help her and Ramya when they sign up for
      the newly-opened "Curves" workout center(also at the hotel). Ramya--
      my wife Jillian and I say--is our 'daughter'.
      She is Ramya Jillian-Fox Vanderburg, and we love her very much.

      Pickled, plump, Isaac J.F.V.

      P.S. Nathan Frey said he would write me. He never did, though. And so
      now we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of guilty resentment and
      obstinance in which he feels bad for not writing, and I'm pissed-to-
      my-ears that he hasn't. So I don't write him because I'm so pissed,
      and he doesn't write me cause he feels so guilty, and then at some
      point we pass away. Dead.
      There, I just had to get that off my chest.

      --- In PCElSalAg42002@yahoogroups.com, Jared and Christy
      <jandcbartley@y...> wrote:
      > Hi again everyone! Although our major travels are done for a
      while, it looks like we're still on the go! Last week Jared found
      out that he got his dream job with an organization called Canaan
      Valley Institute. His title will be Circuit Rider, which means that
      he is assigned a geographic area and will serve as a liaison and
      support person for different environmental community groups looking
      for help on local projects. They run anywhere from wanting to clean
      up a local stream to looking at economic indicators of environmental
      problems. He's really excited about the opportunities this will give
      > Sadly, though, this means we are moving to Maryland! We leave Ohio
      on February 10th with all of the Hudak siblings being called in to
      help move all our junk (which our parents are only too happy to be
      rid of). We found a little 3rd floor apartment in Hagerstown, MD
      about a half-hour drive from Middletown where Jared's office is. It
      looks like your typical poor, young, married couple's apartment that
      some of you might picture in your head and laugh about having lived
      in maybe 10-20 years ago yourselves. But with both indoor plumbing
      and nearby washer and drier, it's definately a luxury compared to
      where we spent the last two years. There's a Catholic church and
      school in our back yard, a shopping mall on the next block, and
      across the street is a really nice residential neighborhood.
      > Our new address will be:
      > 300 Northern Ave. Apt. 5F
      > Hagerstown, MD 21742
      > We'll be keeping our cell phone number the same for a while. Some
      of you might not have it yet. It's (216) 849-1690. And we'll keep
      checking this e-mail account until we tell you differently.
      > So, we're off on the next stage of our lives. We've really enjoyed
      being home for a while and seeing all of the people and places we've
      missed so much. Don't worry though, Hagerstown is only about 5 hours
      from Cleveland and maybe 6 hours from the Springfield area. So we
      hope to make it home on long weekends several times a year.
      > For those of you out on the east coast, we'll have to get together
      some time. Anyone in DC or Baltimore we'd love to hear from you! Oh,
      and anyone who knows of any places in Maryland looking for a hard-
      working, spanish-speaking, red-headed girl, please let us know! :)
      > Til next time!!
      > The Bartleys
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