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  • tower13floor@aol.com
    Hi Christy, Jared, and baby Jeff, I like how Bob started his email. Here s my story. It s like the start of a Lifetime movie. Luckily my life has only been
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 4, 2006
      Hi Christy, Jared, and baby Jeff,

      I like how Bob started his email. Here's my story. It's like the start of a Lifetime movie. Luckily my life has only been like the beginning of one when everyone is normal and happy right before the daugher becomes bulimic or little Jimmy gets kidnapped or the husband's second wife shows up at the door.

      In the fall I started work with Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center, a place in Parkton, MD, 40 min north of Baltimore. I got room and board and I lived with my co-workers, who were fun people. Groups come to Genesee Valley for teambuilding and working together through initiatives, low, and high ropes. We had mostly schools come, but we also had boy and girl scout troops, churches, sports teams, and corporate groups. I learned a lot about how to use ropes, how to work with groups, a little about climbing, and I got to do some of the elements. A favorite was the zip n' dip, a zipline that lands you in a lake. The place is 350 acres of beautiful farmland and woods. Right now there's lots of corn growing, there are baby turkeys, pigs, and lambs. The fall season ended in November, so after
      being home for Thanksgiving (wasn't it nice to be home for it at last?) I went back to Parkton and worked for a catering company until Christmas. After New Year's I went to Ireland for about 3 months with 2 girls from work. We started in Dublin and vaguely followed the coast all around the whole country. We stayed with some distant cousins along the way and also worked for our room and board. At one place we cut briars and grass from a basket-maker's willow fields. We saw many beautiful sights and have seen enough churches, graveyards, and stone ruins to last a lifetime. We spent a week in Scotland in Edinburgh and in the Highlands. I tried skiing and had some spectacular crashes. After my travelling partners went home, I spent about 3 weeks on Clare Island in County Mayo. I worked for a family in their garden and took long walks amongst the sheep. For St. Patrick's Day there was a parade of tractors pulling decorated trailers. The island drunk led the way in a donkey-drawn cart dressed up at the saint himself. I came home in March and worked the spring season at Genesee Valley. Now I'm home in Rochester for a week until I go to camp in Maine to lead
      the trip to Mexico again. I may return to the ropes course in the fall, but I think I want to do something different, maybe out west. Who knows. For now I'm trying to brush up on Spanish and pack for the trip. It was nice to hear from you, and Jeff looks great!  If I end up in MD again I'll let you know. Talk to you soon!
    • Alan James Alexander-Pascoe
      Hello Friends, Sorry it has taken me forever to send out an update. Lately it just seems like I don t have the time to dedicate to myself that I used to.
      Message 2 of 4 , Jul 16, 2006


        Hello Friends,


        Sorry it has taken me forever to send out an update.  Lately it just seems like I don’t have the time to dedicate to myself that I used to.  Between, work, school, girlfriend and various other commitments it seems like I divide myself so many ways for others that I forget to leave a bit for myself.  In any case, it is good to hear from you and I’ll try to give you as much of an update as I can.


        I am still in Monterrey , Mexico and am still enjoying myself here.  School is going well and I am currently on “vacation” from class; the trimester ended last week and the summer session starts on Monday.  I had to work this week anyway so it was only a semi-vacation.  I wanted to go to South Padre Island with my girlfriend’s family this weekend, but Mexican Immigration has yet to give me back the renewal of my student visa and until they do, I can’t leave Mexico .  For all intents and purposes, I will finish school next month.  I am taking two summer classes and all that will remain to finish the degree once I finish the summer session will be my field project and I plan to mix that with my job.  Once the Field Project is done, I graduate, which will be this coming December.  After graduation life will get really interesting as I really have nothing planned.  I want to stay in Mexico to be close to my girlfriend, and because I generally just like it here, but I am starting to see that the prospects are limited and not that interesting.  I can’t say that studying for an MBA has been the most intellectually stimulating experience of my life, but it is free education and living here has been a fun and eye opening.


        I’ve been thinking about giving UT Law another run because I think being in an environment where I will basically take elective courses for two years (the second and third year) will give me a chance to try a bunch of different things and hopefully find something I like.  I want to investigate how I could parlay my experience, interest and bilingual abilities into a successful law career.  In addition, if I have to live in the US , at least I know that I like Austin .


        My job is OK, nothing to get excited about.  A local steel company known as Hylsa was bought by an Argentine company called Ternium.  Ternium reorganized their operations and did an IPO in February on the New York Stock Exchange.  Our ticker is TX if you care to look us up.  Anyway, given the IPO the company opened up a new department to begin to handle investor relations and to analyze the stock as well as the global steel industry.  They came to my school looking for people with a finance backgrounds and I got hired almost on the spot.  The extra money is helping a lot with school and at long last, I am finally using my finance degree.  It may be the only time I ever use it, but at least I am finally getting some practice out of it.  I think there is a possibility for a permanent job with Ternium, but nothing has been promised.  At present they are content with me and my work and from there we just have to wait and see what develops.


        Anyway, that is basically where I am right now.  I’m not exactly sure about what the future holds, I just hope to have interesting options for the next steps in my life, whatever they may be.


        I think about you all often and hope for nothing but the best for you.


        Take Care,





        P.S. In case anyone missed it, Texas won the national title in football last January.  Hehe!  Hook’em!



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        Subject: [PCElSalAg42002] Update request


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        Hi everyone! I was just thinking that it's been a long time since I've heard from most of you. I know the people I do keep in touch with are in different jobs and situations from last time we all got together at Jaskot's wedding. I'm sending this out hoping you'll all send a reply message letting us know what's going on in your life. Where are you living, working, vacationing, etc.? Please write, even if you feel that nothing exciting is going on. Have you done nothing but sit on your butt, watch cable and eat mac&cheese since you got home? Cool. Tell us what kind of mac&cheese you like and exactly how many episodes of Law & Order left until you've seen them all.

        I really would like to hear how your lives are progressing, and plus, this is an excuse for me to send out more baby pictures. I hope you all will send some recent pictures of yourselves as well. Especially if you've gotten together with any other El Sal PCVs. Whether a big novel or just a few paragraphs, please write!

        Here's our story.
        We've been pretty busy with new baby, Jeff. He is the complete boss of the house. His sleeping routine changes once or twice weekly, and it's all we can do to keep up with him. The sleep deprivation is the hardest part. At first, he wasn't going to bed until about 3am, but was sleeping through the night. We're still up rather late with him off and on, and have seen more late night TV than I care to admit. Jared's agency shut his office down so he works from home now. It's actually been a real blessing because he can help out a LOT with Jeff. He's on the road a lot in the evenings for meetings with different environmental groups and various stream restoration projects, so he can get the hours in during the evenings and have some days free. He got XM radio for Christmas for all of the long hours on the road and it's worked out better since he usually drives through lots of West Virginia where the only two crappy stations of Country music come in very poorly.

         I've been back to work for a while now. I'm down to 20 hours a week and I bring Jeff with me for about half of that. My boss is great and really been generous in making my job be very flexible. Guatemalan adoption is an interesting business. I get to speak Spanish everyday, which is cool, and I've gotten I title enhancement (not a raise, just a new name to reflect how much more work I do than I was really hired for) to Case Manager. We've had a lot of family come visit Jeff, but when they leave, we like the peace and quiet, but really miss them a lot. The more I think about it, I understand the wisdom in so many multigenerational households in El Salvador . It just makes sense because taking care of a baby is a 24 hour committment and you just can't keep doing all of the other things that need done just as you did before. It's been a big stress increase, but all in all I think we're doing ok.

        We finally have a few friends here, mostly from our church. We've gotten pretty involved there, but not in much else in our town. Fun-wise, we have a few trips planned this summer, but nothing too exciting. We're going to Houston in a few weeks to see Jared's sister and for him to go deep sea fishing with his dad and uncle. Then in September, my family is renting a houseboat for a week on a lake in Tennessee . My dad's been wanting to do it for years. Other than that, I might get to go to Guatemala once for work sometime this summer. We often get sent down to bring babies back when the families can't travel for whatever reason. With the money I get for the "escort fee" I can afford to take Jared and Jeff too. Some people think we're crazy for taking him down there. I'm still not sure if we are or not.

        That's about it. I only see a few people from the group. Bob and Jared and Emily came up to our place for a picnic we had for Jeff's baptism. It was great to see them, but we didn't get too much of a chance to really talk. I hope to see them more in DC this summer. We saw Christa the week before Jeff was born and that was great to catch up with her. Ramya from the WatSan group after us lives super close to here and we see her all the time.

        Some recent pictures are attached below.

        I hope you'll all write back to the list with your news and your up to date contact info. Take Care everyone!!
        Los Bartley

        62 West Side Ave.
        Hagerstown , MD 21740
        (240) 527-8260

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